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Rest Between Shifts


It's day 1 of the Healthy Sleep challenge.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but always make sure you have enough time to get adequate rest in between shifts. Take your commuting time and any childcare responsibilities into account before determining your schedule. If your work schedule seems too tight for you to truly rest, talk to your manager about it.  


Also, consider how you are using your time off. You may be tempted to tackle your personal to-do list after a stretch of workdays or overnight shifts. By prioritizing sleep and rest first, you’ll have more energy for life — both at work and at home. ANA recommends that registered nurses not exceed 40 hours of professional nursing work (paid or unpaid) in a seven-day period. 

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Nurse J Nurse J Feb '20
I sleep best with 1000 thread count, all cotton, Sateen sheets & pillow cases. I may have some warm caffeine-free green tea. I sometimes wear a soft, cushy eye mask. My current eye mask is very cushioned & comfortable. It is a mask of the closed eyes of a black cat image, complete with ears! I also wear soft moldable foam ear plugs, which are very comfortable. Love it... I have a lavender eye mask that I keep in the freezer n a large zipper plastic bag for when I want a scent. Thank you for your info on oils, Essential Oils mywizofoz & Norlyn Hyde, light stretches-kimmyg & CPAP use, and use of blue light filters Boyzmom.
mywizofoz mywizofoz Apr '19
What types of oils are the best or combination for the best restful sleep?
I diffuse Essential Oils by my bed and apply them to the bottom of my feet to help me sleep.  
kimmyg kimmyg Feb '19
Warm shower with lavendar, light streches and most of all, improve use of my CPAP
Boyzmom Boyzmom Feb '19
There is blue light filters that can be used on cell phones to help as well