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Build On What You Started

It's day 10 of the Small Steps = Big Changes, powered by support from Humana

As this challenge winds down, focus on one mini habit that resonated with you over the past 9 days. Make a commitment to build on what you started. Remember, it doesn’t matter that your goal is small. You’re training your brain for success and building up to what you hope to accomplish one day.

To help with this, program daily reminders into your phone. Use the 8 rules developed by Stephen Guise, author of Mini Habits, as your framework:
  1. Never, ever cheat
  2. Be happy with all progress
  3. Reward yourself often
  4. Stay level-headed
  5. If you feel strong resistance, back off and go smaller
  6. Remind yourself how easy this is
  7. Never think a step is too small
  8. Put extra energy and ambition toward bonus reps, not a bigger requirement

Despite the common myth that it takes just 21 days to form a habit, on average, it takes 66 days before a new behavior becomes automatic. Don’t be intimidated by the number — focus on your progress instead.

We hope you’ll continue to share resources on mini habits with fellow nurses, support each other in recognizing and encouraging self-improvement, and be an advocate for healthy changes. Let us know how you how you are doing by posting your progress in our discussion or in the Facebook group.

Thank you for participating in the Small Steps = Big Changes, powered by support from Humana!

Missed day 9? Catch up here.

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This was a great challenge. There were so many that resonated with me but I think practicing gratitude in a deliberate way is at the top. Thanks 



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