Take A Break! It's Good For You. 36

Take A Break! It's Good For You.



Our May Make Time For Yourself Challenge and The Case for Taking a Break  blog has helped me realize that I want to make a commitment to taking a break at least once during the workday. Even if it's for 5-10 minutes. There is such a thing as being too focused at work. I have a tendancy to go through a day without taking a moment to pause. We need to tell ourselves it's okay to take a moment and breathe. It's good for us to replenish and focus on you for a moment before getting back to work. Take this time to have a walk around another floor or around the block if it's nice out or journal, do some stretches... whatever you need.
Blog Commitment to Rest 05/24/2017 11:14pm CDT

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I eat at my desk everyday. I am committing to eating away from my desk at least twice a week starting today.
Taking time to make a hot cup of tea makes me go to the next office to use their microwave. The H2O is refrigerated so it takes 3 minutes to heat it. I visit with the other faculty during this time. This doesn't happen every day d/t my class teaching schedule, but it is something I look forward to.
Relax from work and life
I am committing to walking at lunch for 20 minutes and eat away from my desk! I sit most of the day and hardly ever get up!
 Day first did not really work... today is another day and another opportunity to make things better... to make ourselves healthier.
Mariam Jean‍ and Kathleen Cappo‍ how is it going? It's been hard to make myself do this, but I try to take the long way to and from wherever I have to go during the work-day. That seems to help.
Let's see. I'm committed to give myself 5-10 min break so I can recharge and get back my sanity:))
Commitment is Hard, but needed to improve health.


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Commitment to Rest
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