Knowing And Doing Are 2 Different Things

I know sleep is the foundation of all physical and mental health. I would even say it is a platform for spiritual health as well, if we count prayer and dreaming as sleep activities.  And I know  people should get 8 hrs or so of sleep ( which i usually do).  However, some of my activities prior to bed time are not allowing me to sleep through the night, ie sipping water, getting that last minute of screen time in, and not prepping my room with correct temperature or darkness.  I am going to do a better night pre-sleep regimen, see if i feel more rested in the am.  Huberman lab podcast
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@LifestyleDesignRN Great suggestions!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Absolutely!! There's a great divide between “knowing” and “doing”. I hear you there for sure. Us nurses pretty much “know” everything. IMO, LOL!! But we're also very human and “doing” is just as difficult for us to do as it is for other humans. I think we are just harder on ourselves about it because we “know” so much. We assume that if we know what we are supposed to do, there's no excuse to not be doing it. Yeah Right!!!!

You're on the right track. You've already identified several areas that you “know” are impacting your sleep. AND… You publicly admitted and/or committed to wanting to do better for yourself. YAY!!! 

Night time rituals are super hard to establish. Especially if your work schedule isn't one that allows you to go to sleep at the same time every night. The few things that I know for sure that I have to do before I go to bed is #1 Take out my contacts #2 Brush my teeth #3 Prep my CPAP #4 Plug my cell phone in (in another room). No cell phones in the bedroom. Multiple reasons, but the biggest being to get that light and distraction away from my “zen” space. There are other things that I do “on occasion” if I've really committed to having a restful sleep, but I don't always give myself an hour to do my night time routine. Sometimes its the bare minimum, but I always stick with #1 - #4. 

Also, I've set my phone to turn to “sleep” mode so calls cant come through after 10pm. Even if Im awake, it allows me to not have to jump for my phone and then get stuck scrolling through FB. I got lots more stuff regarding sleep. If you need some support, send me a message. 


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