Mindful Movement, powered by Humana 70
Mindful Movement, powered by Humana

When you move your body, you’re not just benefiting your bones, joints, and muscles. You’re impacting everything that makes you you, even the parts you can’t see. Research shows a clear correlation between low physical fitness and risk of mental health problems. That means exercising on a regular basis can benefit your emotional and mental health — in addition to your physical body. 

Any kind of movement, from walking and climbing to lifting and pushing, is beneficial. While heart-pumping activities are great for burning calories and eliminating excess weight, every bit of movement adds up to do your body (and mind) good.  

Join us as we move our bodies to heal our minds in the next #healthynurse challenge, Mindful Movement, powered by Humana.

First, this Mindful Movement Challenge will help you understand how exercise impacts both physical and mental well-being. We’ll also arm you with the tools you need (for now and later) to give your body and mind an ongoing boost. 

Let’s get moving! Starts October 11. Sign up today by clicking "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" and invite a #healthynurse you know to join with you. 

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Date & Time
Monday October 11th, 2021
End Date & Time
Friday October 22nd, 2021

How are you doing in the challenge?


Two of my hydrangea trees from this season. They had gone through the color change to pink and recent heavy rain and storms had curved the branches over. Spent a day pruning them all back and bagging up the blooms and trimmed branches into compostable bags for collection. 

Our municipality has a community composting site that they maintain and you can go to to purchase back mulch for your garden for the next season. This fall weather has been perfect for some time outside. I'll be spending more as the leaves have just started to fall consistently so more clean ups and garden time in my future

…. and I can testify from my muscle aches that there was a lot of stretching, bending and squatting involved in my gardening workout!

i am luck to work with an amazing group of off shift administrators.  We have all contributed different ideas & activities to take care of ourselves as the COVID pandemic continues.  Many of us use a tracking device to count our steps. We are taking stairs as we round on the units.  We even do a 20 minute exercise You Tube workout around 430AM.  We also support each other to eat healthier and increase our water intake.  The key to our individual success has been the support we give each other.

Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” 

We each have our own inner strengths but, on occasion, we may also need to bolster and support that inner strength from those around us & external resources.  As individuals, we can also add to or take away from, the strength of those around us…whether family, friends or team members.  From a Circle of influence perspective, your team of shift administrators are influencing and supporting positive changes in each other as individuals, as a team but also, very importantly as a community/culture.  Great example of the inter-connection of team work and workplace wellbeing in action. So inspiring to hear that you have prioritized your wellbeing in this way. Congratulations to you all for your efforts.

I'm going to start walking a mile on my days off, followed by some yoga or cardio. 

I tried the 7 minute Qigong video routine. Its always interesting to try some new things. A few years ago I did a couple of Tai-chi introductory sessions and found the rhythmic flow of movements to be a nice combination of body, mind and breath work similar but different to yoga and the Qigong left a similar impression of something that adds an extra dimension to what I currently do.  I sometimes find myself in two minds about being tied to or distracted by technology and being present and mindful in myself and in the moment. However, Headspace and other apps that can provide guided meditations and relaxation supports do seem a way to use technology to support wellbeing instead of undermine it. 

Power walking

I reevaluated my workout group programs a couple of years ago and discovered Barre. I love the class, my fellow workout buddies and the studio staff. They have done an amazing job of offering virtual live classes and I have paired up with a few class-mates as workout buddies to keep us on track since it's easy to “slip” in the effort & consistency at home. I really do miss the “in-person” aspect of class. The energy and effort level is definitely different with encouragement coming just when you need to dig in for that last push.  I just went for my first live in-person yoga class a few weeks ago and could not believe the difference being in the studio made and the way it felt to be surrounded and nurtured in that joint mind-body-spirit experience. My husband and I have been trying to do something active together outside each weekend and today he asked to buddy up during the week for a couple of partner exercise sessions so that we can support each other ending the year in a more mindfully moment focused way. 

Walked the town with my kids as company!

Took a walk on

the beach this morning watching the birds and  dolphins and getting in some steps while on vacation 

I walk with a friend 1 day/week; yoga class 1 day/week and tai chi 1 day/week.

have committed to 40 minutes of yoga each day

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