Snaps and Steps Challenge, powered by Humana 77
Snaps and Steps Challenge, powered by Humana
Fall is a beloved time of year for many people. The weather cools down and nature transforms into shades of orange, amber and gold. Why not take advantage of this beautiful season by getting out and moving?

Back by popular demand, we’ve created another fun, seasonal scavenger hunt to boost your mental and physical health. It’ll also allow you to take advantage of all that fall has to offer! With new, autumn-themed activities, we challenge you to take a daily stroll and share photos of your finds.

While you’re outside walking, liven things up by keeping a lookout for certain items. Think of it as exercising while doing a scavenger hunt. Just like when you were a kid, scavenger hunts are fun and educational — they help strengthen your critical thinking skills. And evidence suggests a clear relationship between critical thinking and mental health.

During this 10 day challenge, think about ways you can “fall” into the habit and continue these daily walks once the challenge ends!

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 This challenge starts on October 10Are you ready? 

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Date & Time
Monday October 10th, 2022
End Date & Time
Friday October 21st, 2022

How are you doing in the challenge?


I am SO excited for this challenge! My favorite ones get us moving outside!! 


Continuing to improve with the help of my children's encouragement!  I hit the gym twice this week and walked more.  It feels great to start to take control!

troberts troberts May '22
Image result for resistance band meme
Yeah! resistance bands!! LOL!
Carol D Carol D May '22

This was an interesting challenge. I did the walking lunges, push ups  and donkey kicks. Who needs a gym membership 😉

troberts troberts May '22

#healthynurse   I up the resistance on my bike for added strength training

heemory heemory May '22

I worked n my garden on May 13th. Planted a total of 26 tomato plants. Can’t wait for the fresh tomatoes and the sauces I can make 

traveled on the 14th so I did stretches n then some cleaning which worked out my muscles

on the 15th I walked the beach n then did a fast walk for 1 hour along with some resistance strength training using my body weight. I love the exercise that you have been suggesting n I can already feel a difference


I finally joined a gym!  I exercised in 5-minute intervals yesterday through 4 cardio machines.  I then did some boxing.  And boy, did boxing feel great!  :)

heemory heemory May '22

Was able to do several of the mini exercises felt great to get mini workouts in

troberts troberts May '22

#healthynurse  = my go to exercise is the rock step forward and back with alternating each leg

Didn't complete the challenge but did attend a hour long yoga class.  🤸‍♂️

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