Level Up Challenge, sponsored by Humana 77
Level Up Challenge, sponsored by Humana

In your wellness journey, you’ve made efforts to do something good for your health every day. 

Think about your routine. What are you already doing that improves your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being? Maybe you established some new habits during last month’s challenge that really stuck. Whether it’s early morning walks, eating right, getting more sleep, meditating, journaling, or something else, you may have established healthy habits that are now second nature.  

See if you can stretch your healthy behaviors in the Level Up challenge, sponsored by Humana. Remember that the goal is progress, not perfection. Progress gives us a healthy destination to pursue and a greater sense of purpose and meaning. 

Though this challenge ended on October 9, 2023, please consider doing it on your own or with a friend or colleague! Get started here.

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Date & Time
Monday October 9th, 2023
End Date & Time
Friday October 20th, 2023

How are you doing in the challenge?

Pixie Pixie Oct '23

Started with Weight Watchers and have lost 9 pounds since October 1! Yea me!

ChristiM ChristiM Nov '23

@Pixie That's amazing! Great work!!

Deiandra Deiandra Oct '23
One of my favorite things to do is take hikes in the fall. This was taken at Shenandoah National Park.    #HealthyNurseHealthyNation 
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

Very beautiful!!! Are you planning any extra hikes?

I’m getting 10,000 a day

ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

Great work!! Are you adding in extra walks to meet your goal?

Aliyah N Aliyah N Oct '23
one of the Best ways to relax and distress are walks with nature, heres to a healthier lifestyle!! #HealthyNurse 
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

A good walk makes such a difference!!

Lauren Z Lauren Z Oct '23
Started a little late, but I am dedicated to make myself healthier! #HealthyNurse 
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

Better late than never!! 

Pattieraz Pattieraz Oct '23

Trying to meditate and walk more.  Love being outside so it’s not hard to do. 

ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

Great work Pattie! 

I commit to working out at least 30-45 minutes every day. Since starting nursing school, finding time to have a workout routine has been difficult, and I miss it. I felt better when I was more active and can appreciate making an achievable goal to work towards that feeling once again. 

ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Caitlin Reneau Great goal!!

Kirty Kirty Oct '23
My first steelhead!
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Kirty nice catch!

AliceS AliceS Oct '23

Seeing the day-to-day foliage change in central VT - yea, it’s post peak!😆 - is an added joy & pleasure  in my walking excursions.

Thank you HNHN!

ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@AliceS if you can share a photo, we would love to see!!!

DR DR Oct '23

I'm loving this cooler weather!  I took a walk at lunch yesterday because it was so nice.

ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@DR Agreed! Fall weather is my favorite!!

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