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Stress Less
Stress is all around us. More than 80 percent of nurses report suffering from workplace stress, according to the 2016 American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Health Risk Appraisal. Both work and home life can make you feel wiped out and overwhelmed. This challenge is about trying to find healthy ways to find relief. Sign up by clicking "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" 

Starts January 13, 2020.

Invite a #healthynurse you know to do it with you, use the social media links on this page to share this. Get started here.

Date & Time
Monday January 13th, 2020
End Date & Time
Friday January 17th, 2020

How are you doing in the challenge?

Lys Lys Feb '20
I’d like to make this a year    long challenge for me cause it’s so easy to fall back intoold a constant reminder to sit, relax, meditate or do some yoga can go a long way  : )
Nurse J Nurse J Feb '20
I like to just sit on the couch & reflect on the day. I pedal X 15 minutes, do Elliptical, exercise machine, do Teeter and then eat supper. Then I write a little (journal style) shower & get work clothing set for next day.  
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '20
Nurse J‍ that sounds like an amazing routine! Prepping for the next day is smart since it will help keep you less stressed the next day too! What is Teeter?
JD Cruz JD Cruz Jan '20
Wow..i was ahead on the challenge for today...i did pedicure last Sunday 
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '20
JD Cruz‍ good on you! What color did you pick?
PMarroquin PMarroquin Jan '20
Finding time to settle down after work by doing a short 15 minute work out on the stair stepper.
Trying to practice meditation, stating the work 'Peace' several times a day while taking deep breaths.
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '20
PMarroquin‍ having a mantra you repeat throughout the day is a great idea!
swest14 swest14 Jan '20
When I get home from a long day at work I like to sit outside for 30 minutes or so to breathe in the fresh air, listen to nature, and just relax. Then, after I shower, I use some lavender oil mixed with lotion to help calm my mind and body. This always works for me
Nurse J Nurse J Feb '20
That sounds very effective. I felt calm just reading your method. Thank you.
I first get ready for my next work day. Then I get ready for bed while I listen to calming videos or things I'm curious about. My real relaxation is to cuddle with my spouse. If I did not have him I would be in serious trouble. I take 5HTP religiously every night for relaxation and to induce sleep. I start turning down lights and have been known to use dark glasses at bedtime to promote melatonin synthesis in my brain. 
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '20
Veronica Bryan RN‍ that is a great routine and it is so wonderful that you have a great support system at home in your spouse! What kind of relaxing videos do you watch/recommend? Are the just soothing sounds or something else?
Gail HB Gail HB Jan '20
My 'self-care' is just playing a couple of games on my phone, scrolling through the Twitter feed, watching NCIS or Chicago PD, and browsing a few websites and going through my personal email.  Taking 20 minutes for one of these activities helps me de-stress and relax some.  At times it may lead to more stress, as I fall further behind with work or chores - but this is my way to spend a little time caring for myself by doing nothing! 
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '20
Gail HB‍ I like to play a game on my phone to relax as well! It helps me to take a step back and solving puzzles gives me a sense of small accomplishment :)
abbyeed abbyeed Jan '20
Last week at church, during the homily, the priest said something that really stuck with me and that's "it's a new year, let go of the grudges you've been holding onto. Forgive the people who you don't like or don't get along with. Don't come into the new year with that negative mindset. Forgive them and move on. Words are just hot breath." Ever since then, I've been repeating it in my head and it helps me relieve some of my stress.
NurseRaine NurseRaine Jan '20
I love this! I remember my mom telling me a few months ago, “ aren’t you tired of being angry?” It really hit me hard because it’s true. Holding grudges and anger only makes you bitter and unhappy. Let go and move on !!
Gail HB Gail HB Jan '20
I am also trying to follow this.  Does help with some stress and worry.
Lori Balch Lori Balch Jan '20
Yoga routinely and joining a power of positivity group to look at each day has helped me so far!
abbyeed abbyeed Jan '20
Lori Balch‍ joining a positivity group sounds amazing. How did you find the group?
After a grueling 2019, I am learning to express gratitude and exhibit mindfulness each and every day to inject more positivity into my persona. 
abbyeed abbyeed Jan '20
StephaniePW60‍ more power to you! I'm also learning how to express gratitude and be more present through practicing mindfulness. If you have any tips or things you enjoy doing, please share them with us! 

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