Cultivate Gratitude Challenge 66
Cultivate Gratitude Challenge

There’s a difference between being thankful and being grateful. Anyone can be thankful at any moment in time — it’s a fleeting emotion. But gratitude is more of an engrained attitude — it’s a lifestyle habit that can stand the test of time.  

Think of gratitude as a mindset for appreciation of the present moment. We should all strive to be #grateful more than #thankful, because long-term gratitude can have many physical, psychological, and social benefits, including: 

  • Healthier relationships and more selfless behavior 
  • Decreased depression  
  • Increased joyfulness, optimism, and contentment 
  • Less loneliness and social isolation 
  • Stronger, healthier immune systems 

But now the question remains: How do you engrain an attitude of gratitude into your everyday?  

During this challenge, you’ll be presented with unique opportunities to strengthen your sense of gratitude and receive valuable resources like gratitude podcasts from the Well-Being Initiative brought to you by the American Nurses Foundation. We’re going to work on mindfulness practices and tasks that highlight ways of focusing on gratitude. 

There’s no better time than now to adjust your attitude and welcome in the gratitude. Let’s get started. 

Starts December 12, 2022

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Date & Time
Monday December 12th, 2022
End Date & Time
Friday December 23rd, 2022

How are you doing in the challenge?


Just started, but great way to end a tough year.

A few years ago, I constructed a “Vision board” of things I hoped to be able to create, and achieve in life during the new year ahead.  Looking now as this challenging year draws to a close and another one is starting, I had considered doing the same.

However, I was thinking about how I could carry forward the “Gratitude” focus for the year ahead so I've decide to change that project a little and put together a Gratitude board instead.

I'm hoping that the images of people, memories, places, words and affirmations will remind me and keep me centered with appreciation of all the things that I have to be grateful for today.

It doesn't mean that I won't still develop and work towards goals and dreams for the future but only that I will not allow that “future-focused” process to overshadow the appreciation of the real gifts I have now. 

gd gd Dec '21

My favorite time of the day is in the morning, before the sun comes up or right at sun rise.  I like this because the world is peaceful and I can have quiet time with my creator.  This is a time that I reflect on the day before and make plans for the coming day.  I spend this time walking a trail near my home being able o feel nature/God on my face and breath in the creation.  This is when I am able to assess my actions of the previous day and plan for the one ahead.

❤️ Louise Hay’s affirmations  : 

One that resonated was 

“Today is the future that I created yesterday 💖 “ 

It reminds me that I can change my options for tomorrow with todays choices & actions. 


KImisha KImisha Dec '21

I can appreciate the early mornings. I am refreshed and ready to get my day started. I enjoy taking my daughter to school and heading to work. I am grateful for my health and strength, daily and my family.  

I started off my day this morning with someone kindly holding open the door to allow me to enter a building before them. Although it's hard with a mask to see my smile of pleasure I did make a point of saying Thank You to him for his kindness.

I later had a young mom with 2 tired children trying to check out with a few items in the grocery store. Being lunchtime the “quick checkout lane” for a few items was looking not so quick with several people in line with grab & go sandwiches and drinks. I was about to step forward to unload my cart and, due to the amount in my cart, no-one had yet gotten in line behind me. I called her over and asked her if she would like to go ahead of me and the look of relief and sincere gratitude on her face said without words how much that meant. I think she said Thank You at least  4 times before walking out with her items and two grumbling youngsters and a final wave.

These little acts of kindness really can make a big difference.

ChristiM ChristiM Dec '21

Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN As a mom of two little ones under 4, I can definitely confirm that getting through a checkout line faster is such an incredible gift! My youngest isn't quite two yet, but he reminds me to help try to bring smiles to others when we're out. My friendly baby loves waving and saying “hi” to every person we pass. I love seeing how his greeting brings a smile to so many 😁

So appreciative to have found this new site listed in today's challenge email. So much great content.

Today's question was 

What is one of your favorite times of day? Why are you grateful for it?

At a challenging time in my life, I found comfort and strength from taking some time for myself in the early morning for solitude and reflection. It was my bubble of peace and beauty as I watched the troubling dark night filled with worries and concerns drift away and be replaced in the beauty of the sunrise and the awakening of a fresh new day.

I still love this time of day as the dawn of a fresh start. It is the beginning of a day filled with unknown opportunity and potential and it is another day to share with those I love.

That is a gift I am always eternally grateful for.

Would be interested to hear what other members of the group feel about answering these prompts… When I started to do 3 daily gratitudes, my responses were sometimes the big obvious things like friends, family, pets, my health, food on the table, roof over my head etc.

With practice and a little deeper thought, I started to notice other smaller things that, when noticed, could add joy to my day. Yesterday was the pleasure of finding some deep red flowers still fighting to bloom on one plant in an otherwise brown winter garden and hearing that a friend had earned a well-earned and well-deserved promotion.

Today it was the sight of an energetic puppy with a dashing red sweater taking his owner proudly for a walk with such joy in it's prancing little steps while I was starting my own. It totally set my walk of with a smile and a mutual enjoyment in the experience. Also a card this afternoon from a family member with their new baby joining them on it for her first Christmas.

What were some of your responses to the gratitude prompts?

ChristiM ChristiM Dec '21

I did the Something in nature I am grateful for is… trees. They are so beautiful, and do so much! Not only helping us breathe, but providing shelter for animals, and being a majestic symbol of strength, family and growth. 🎄

I love the linked HNHN spotlight story from @Adrianne E Peterson, BSN, RN All too often we feel guilty for taking this time for self care but that investment allows us to not only connect and be the best for ourselves but in turn to be there as our best self for others.

Most of my coaching clients understand it when we use an energy / battery analogy. 

Imagine each day that we start with a battery that is charged to a certain level. Depending on what we are doing for ourselves. Sleep, nutrition, activity, giving and connection to others, daily & chronic stress and more are all factors that affect where that level is.

During the day certain things can drain or add to that energy level. If everything is a drain, you end the day lower than you started. Without the positive charges, the battery slowly drains day by day until it becomes unable to do anything.

However, if you add some positive things to balance the drain you may keep it nearly level. It takes real effort with lots of small positive gains or something really joyful and hugely positive to happen to get you fully recharged.

Hopefully a good sleep routine and deep restful sleep may boost that energy level overnight. A mindful practice could shift it up, some morning time, a walk, some time and a conversation with a good friend, a nutritious meal - all self care activities that could add to the level.  But a stressful evening at home, poor nights sleep, rushing to work without any fuel but sugar and coffee. is unlikely to have the battery ready to go.

It's not easy…it really takes some self reflection, effort to create time and opportunities, strength to make those self care positive choices and permission to make them a priority and do them with self love and without guilt. And most importantly to keep on doing it consistently every day as an ongoing commitment to ourselves.

I love that Adrianne's story shows the power we have within ourselves to create those shifts and literally change not only our own life but those around us to.


I really like the suggestion today to share gratitude or happiness with each other to help lift everyone's spirits. 

I was on a group call at the end of the afternoon yesterday and everyone I think was a bit tired. As we finished, they asked for people to share something joyful or positive with the group and there was a fairly long pause and a definite moment of silence. Then one person opened up, then another, and after the third story was shared the whole group was using the online meeting tools to share smiles, applause and thumb's up signs. 

Hearing these positive experiences and instances where others stepped up to help & support, or exciting & joyful events that were taking place within the lives of team-mates; they really gave everyone a much needed boost and we wrapped the meeting with positive energy to take with us into our evenings with our families and back to work again today.

Siagian Siagian Dec '21

This is so powerful. Meetings many times lead to griping sessions. It’s important that near the end of the meeting, bringing the team back back to positive energies will really help with perfomance at work as well as at home. Thank you so much for sharing. I will remember this. 

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