Cultivate Gratitude Challenge 66
Cultivate Gratitude Challenge

There’s a difference between being thankful and being grateful. Anyone can be thankful at any moment in time — it’s a fleeting emotion. But gratitude is more of an engrained attitude — it’s a lifestyle habit that can stand the test of time.  

Think of gratitude as a mindset for appreciation of the present moment. We should all strive to be #grateful more than #thankful, because long-term gratitude can have many physical, psychological, and social benefits, including: 

  • Healthier relationships and more selfless behavior 
  • Decreased depression  
  • Increased joyfulness, optimism, and contentment 
  • Less loneliness and social isolation 
  • Stronger, healthier immune systems 

But now the question remains: How do you engrain an attitude of gratitude into your everyday?  

During this challenge, you’ll be presented with unique opportunities to strengthen your sense of gratitude and receive valuable resources like gratitude podcasts from the Well-Being Initiative brought to you by the American Nurses Foundation. We’re going to work on mindfulness practices and tasks that highlight ways of focusing on gratitude. 

There’s no better time than now to adjust your attitude and welcome in the gratitude. 

Though this challenge ended on December 23, 2022, you can still try the challenge on your own. Get started here.



Date & Time
Monday December 12th, 2022
End Date & Time
Friday December 23rd, 2022

How are you doing in the challenge?

Nyssa C. Nyssa C. Dec '22

starting the day with gratitude really sets the mood of the day. regardless how hectic and toxic your shift may unfold, it ends with a big smile on your face, knowing you got through it and still grateful for the day. 😉

TamaraKing TamaraKing Dec '22

I realized during this challenge that I am grateful every day. I have developed a deeper understanding of the attitude of gratitude having focused on it more in the last few days. It is true that what you spend your energies on, you have more of in your life. The focus on ‘all that is good’ has helped me. Thanks for the reminder! 😊

ChristiM ChristiM Dec '22

I love the idea of practicing gratitude while hand washing! It's something I'm already doing all throughout the day so it's an easy add!

NCarey NCarey Dec '22

Love the 3 step method: 

Today’s challenge is to interrupt your anxiety with gratitude. When you feel anxiety bubbling up, follow these steps: 

  1. Pause. Take a deep breath. 
  2. In your mind, list 3 good things from the past 24 hours. It could be positive interactions you’ve had, cheerful emotions you’ve felt, or upbeat thoughts. 
  3. Think about what caused those 3 good things. 
Pella Pella Dec '22

Sometimes it’s challenging to be in the moment and silence your thoughts. I have been finding some time on occasion to tune everything out and focus on me and my gratitude for so many things. Often this happens when I am running indoors or outdoors. My therapy, my time to deal with what bothers me and be grateful for my strength and what I am able to contribute as a nurse, mother and friend on the daily. Truly thankful for so much. 

MelPel MelPel Dec '22

This is finals week in the prelicensure nursing program where I teach, and I am reminded each finals week of how much nurses go through to earn the honor of being called a nurse. I am truly thankful for each student that has chosen to step up and take on the challenge of answering our nation's desperate call for nurses. Each day I spend with these students reminds me of how special it is to be a nurse, and I am truly grateful for each person who chooses this profession. 

Pella Pella Dec '22

I am truly grateful for the CNA‘s that I work with. Today I worked with Tiffany and I told her that I appreciated her so much. What made me even happier is that she was inspired to get busy and try to get into nursing school. She will make an excellent nurse! 

I’m grateful that I woke up this morning and that I am in good health. I’m grateful for my family and friends that I have been blessed with to share this life journey. I grateful that I have a home and a job that take care of not just my needs but my wants. I am grateful that I’m still ALIVE and surviving through a PANDEMIC and I am alive to tell my story of my VICTORY OVER COVID. I’m grateful that even during my bad days I can still be grateful because I can convert that negative day and make it positive by thinking on postive thoughts and not allow what’s happening around me impacts me. I’m grateful for Peace of MIND. 

I am grateful for the nice weather we were having on Sunday 

I am grateful that I woke up and the sun was shining today.

I am grateful my puppy is healing and acting normal after her surgery to be spayed. 

Pella Pella Dec '22

This challenge seems to be what I need. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for each day. Work has been stressful and add that to financial stress and other family issues, etc Anxiety and worry kick into overdrive and I sometimes lose sight of the reality of how blessed I am. To name a few things that I am grateful for these past 24 hours I will start with being grateful for be physically fit and being able to endure hard workouts. I am grateful for a fiancé that is beyond kind, compassionate and understanding. Truly grateful for my teenagers and their random hugs they give me. I know tomorrow we will be short at work but I will take a moment and breathe and set forth positive thoughts instead of building up anxiety. Thank you 🙏 

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