Decompress – Where’s Your Happy Place? powered by Compass One 68
Decompress – Where’s Your Happy Place? powered by Compass One

Sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, A Division of Compass One Healthcare 

It is time to embrace all that summer has to offer.  Let’s start by discovering ways to find hidden joy in our daily life. 

It’s easy to get weighed down with daily responsibilities, and no-one is immune to stress. When you’ve had a long, hectic day how do you decompress, reset and refocus? 

Whether it’s planning a happy event, reuniting with family, meditating, or simply doing nothing, there are many ways to find your bliss. 

Join our Decompress – Where’s Your Happy Place Challenge for tips on how to shake off the remnants of the day, relax, get calm, and take care of you. 

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Sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, A Division of Compass One Healthcare 


Date & Time
Monday June 14th, 2021
End Date & Time
Friday June 25th, 2021

How are you doing in the challenge?


I love the “alone time” comments. Solitude serves me well and recently I have returned to a hobby my mother taught me long ago. I am embroidering a “story curtain” . Several years ago, my husband and I traveled across the states for a year. I “sketched ” -(stick figures) our favorite thing  from each day on the pages of my journal.  I sewed as we traveled and finished the project “almost” . Alaska loomed and I had a busy life. These days I find that sitting quietly and sewing on the curtain is restorative. I re-read the journal, I  share the stories with my husband, and then I become engaged in rummaging through my many colors of thread and actually sewing pictures while I watch our birds on the patio. I look forward to precious moments now, being “alone” with my memories and my project.  Thanks, Mom!!



I have missed a few days however this past weekend instead of spending my entire day cleaning, only able to do this on the weekends, I spend the afternoon with my sister, mom, nieces and our dogs.  We were silly in the pool using my new snorkeling gear, played hot potato with ball, ordered fattening food and most importantly enjoyed everyones company and had lots of laughs. 

I have NEVER been the green thumb/gardener in my family or in my marriage… “I gave [nurtured] at the office.” This summer has been different.

Last Tuesday evening, I finally gathered up the energy and motivation to start my butterfly garden. I outlined the area (made a “moat”) where I would plant. For 8 hours on Saturday afternoon, I planted 2 butterfly bushes, 12 marigolds (deer deterrent) and 17 milkweed- swamp, common and butterfly. Last night (Monday), I planted Bee balm (bergamot). 

Next job is to split the iris.

ChristiM ChristiM Jun '21

Since mid-January I set time aside almost every morning to do at least 20 minutes of some activity and it definitely makes me feel better. I can tell the days I don't do it. Normally it's aerobic videos from YouTube. Got my sister to do one with me this morning!! 😁

Hi Christi, Not sure how you “found me”, but grateful for your reaching out to me RE: this challenge. I saw it when I signed up, but didn't take the time to read more about it.

tm1 tm1 Jun '21

Sit outside or by the pool and read a book.  Just finished The President Is Missing…  :)

lrayman lrayman Jun '21

Reading a mystery by Nora Roberts

esinnaeve esinnaeve Jun '21

I like to sit on my back patio and tend to my Tower Garden :)

my quiet time:  no social media, nothing but the breeze flowing through my hair, the rays of sun beaming down the vibrant beautiful colors and smells of my flower gardens coming to life after a long winter and hard year.  

I find relaxation and joy in spending time with my puppy Spider 

Is Spider an Aussie? BEAUTIFUL coloring.

Aford2584 Aford2584 Jun '21

Looking forward!!

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