Healthy Recipe Toolbox Challenge 20
Healthy Recipe Toolbox Challenge
If you were to list out everything you eat and drink daily, what would you discover? Would you notice any trends? What would you change?

Our March challenge provides tools to help you sustain healthy nutrition changes long term. During this 10 day challenge, we’ll provide examples and recipes for using macro food trends as the basis of your diet. You’ll notice a focus on ancient grains, healthy snacks, plant-based foods, non-alcoholic beverages, and sustainability.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to incorporate healthy options into your daily nutrition.  

Though this challenge ended in April, 2020, you are more than welcome to try this challenge on your own or with a friend or colleague. Get started here.

What are your tips and tricks? Got recipe's you'd like to share with us? Post them in our discussion here.

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Date & Time
Monday March 23rd, 2020
End Date & Time
Friday April 3rd, 2020

How are you doing in the challenge?


Got my fruits, veggies, nuts, and sugar free chocolate chips (snacks)! Let's do this! 

i love sugar free cookies and chocolates yum!

LilianDeJ LilianDeJ Apr '20
I have mixed nuts for snacks.
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '20
LilianDeJ‍ Nuts are a great snack! My daughter and I have recently been trying to snack more on trail mixes and nuts too. I didn't realize how delicious pecans and walnuts were!
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '20
I love the day 9 tips to shop local. With all thats going on right now and trying to limit my trips to the grocery store, I have been looking into local farms that do pick-up or delivery of their fruits and vegetables! The prices were actually not as bad as I thought they would be and its super convenient to have it brought to me! 
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '20
Today for a snack instead of chips, I had cherry tomatoes with a little ranch. Last night, although we had a frozen pizza for dinner, I made sure we also had veggies as a side. We did a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. It was really good and helped fill me up!
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '20
Sonia Bailey, BSN, RN‍ thats a great idea that I never thought of! I will definitely have to check out Pinterest and get some ideas!
Hey ChristiM‍, Have you ever thought of making homemade pizzas using tortillas a crust? They turn out really good and end up sort of like a think crust pizza. We've done that a few time in the last few weeks! So good! Pinterest would have some ideas I'm sure
StrongOne StrongOne Mar '20
Back on track! Made a wonderful cauliflower crust pizza

yum!!! i love cauliflower crust pizza!

That sounds fun! I've never made a cauliflower crust pizza but I have had it! 
Instead of snacking on chips and dip I decided to load up on veggies and hummus. I prefer the garlic hummus because of it has the extra flavor. 
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '20
Today instead of snacking on chips, I had raisins and a cheese stick! I forget sometimes how tasty raisins are! Like Chris Traeger said (any Parks and Rec fans?) it's nature's candy! :)
Melevine Melevine Mar '20
Love adding and experimenting with grains. The breakfast suggestion for blueberry lemon quinoa ( breakfast bowl link) was awesome to take camping. Powdered milk and dried berries was perfect and portable. Stovetop at home is a fam fave!
Melevine Melevine Mar '20
Hi, Sonia. Great question! It was in the text message from HNHN. The link was to 8 Ancient Grains Options for Your next Breakfast Bowl. It was at Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa Recipe ( 
Melevine‍ This reminds me I have to buy quinoa since we are low. Where did you see that Breakfast bowl link? 
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '20
Last night for dinner we had a spanish rice dish (trying to work through what we have left in the pantry), but I added veggies to it to make it a little healthier. It really amped up the flavor of the dish and I was really happy with how it turned out! The leftovers today for lunch were still just as tasty!
ChristiM‍ adding veggies to the rice was such a good way to make it healthier! 
Go Jo Go Jo Mar '20
Pretty well
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '20
Go Jo‍ Hows the challenge going for you?

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