Hack Your Hydration Challenge, powered by Compass One Healthcare 21
Hack Your Hydration Challenge, powered by Compass One Healthcare

How much better do you feel after you drink a nice, cold glass of water?  

Drinking enough H20 is one of the best things you can do for your mind, immune system, skin, and overall wellness. Yet, thanks to busy schedules, infection control protocols, and PPE, many nurses can’t stay adequately hydrated at work.  

We know you have limited breaks to take a drink. We also know if you drink too much and need to use the restroom, there may be no one to cover you. But you can’t take care of your patients if you’re unwell, and hydration is a big part of staying well. 

“Water is essential for key bodily functions,” says Nurse Alice Benjamin, a Cardiac Clinical Nurse Specialist with 20 years of nursing experience. “When you’re dehydrated, it's like having a car with no gas. If you don't have water, you're not going to go anywhere.”  

You need to stay hydrated to do your job well. Over the next 10 days, we’ll provide as many tangible tips as we can to improve your hydration. Use them to the best of your ability — both at home and at work. Let’s go! 

PLEASE NOTE: You must not consume food or drink in an area where there is exposure or potential exposure to blood, potentially infectious material, or toxic material or where there is a potential for contamination of work surfaces. This can be particularly challenging in most healthcare environments now. Please refer to these OSHA regulations as well as these — and your employer’s policies, particularly infection control practices, in regard to food and drink consumption and storage at work. 

Additionally, if you work in any environment outside of your home, please refer to the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure to SARS-CoV-2.  

Starts July 18. Click “Yes” under “Ready to Join?” above to sign up. Get started here.

See you at the water cooler!


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Date & Time
Monday July 18th, 2022
End Date & Time
Friday July 29th, 2022

How are you doing in the challenge?

SAD SAD Sep '21

We did it!!!!! I finished strong, drinking 80 oz of water (10 glasses).  

ChristiM ChristiM Sep '21

I really like the idea of adding rules for drinking, especially the drink a glass of water when scrolling social media!

SAD SAD Sep '21

One more day to go.  Today I drank 80 oz of water (10 glasses).  I love smoothies, but have not had any for a while.  That is a great alternative.

ChristiM ChristiM Sep '21

Anyone try a smoothie for hydration? What recipes did you like?

SAD SAD Sep '21

Yesterday, 8/31, I completed 88 oz of water (11 glasses).  Today, 9/1, I completed 80 oz of water (10 glasses).  2 more days left to this challenge.

ChristiM ChristiM Aug '21

Had cucumber slices in my water! Love the flavor!!

ChristiM ChristiM Sep '21

Hi Monica, that sounds SO delicious!!

Hi Christi, Have you tried mint, lime and strawberries.  It is really great.  I also use basil instead of mint.  I call it my spa water or special water! 

SAD SAD Aug '21

Well today I worked out more, which required more water intake.  My steps totaled 15,414.

My total water intake was 96 oz, which equals 12 glasses.  We are more than half way through the hydration challenge.  Hang in there!!!🤗

I pour water into 5 refillable containers, leaving a half inch space to add Costco lemonade. Then refrigerate. This helps me drink 70-80 oz/day

Mommybugs2 Mommybugs2 Aug '21

I have been doing really well with this challenge!!!  I have given up my regular glass of diet Pepsi with lunch and feel better not drinking it.  my skin is thanking me as well!!!  

SAD SAD Aug '21

Day 7, I completed my minimal amount of water of 64 oz, (8 glasses).  My range is 64-88 oz, that is 8-11 glasses of water per day.  Moving on to Monday, Day 8.  

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