Embracing Allyship 94
Embracing Allyship

As nurses, we are no strangers to advocating for the well-being of our patients. But extending that advocacy to our colleagues — especially in the face of discrimination and bias — is just as important.

Join us for our April #healthynurse challenge Embracing Allyship to become a better ally in your nursing practice and help create a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.

What does it mean to be an ally? 

The definition of an ally is “a person who cooperates with or helps another.” When you’re someone’s ally, you make a commitment to support, uplift, and stand in solidarity with them. You’re not a complacent bystander — you are united. 

When we talk about being an ally in this challenge, it’s more than recognizing and acknowledging the struggles of marginalized groups. From there, you advocate for their rights and take meaningful action to create a more inclusive, equitable, and healthy work environment. Allyship means actively challenging systems of oppression and doing what you can to break down barriers that prevent equality. 

Being an ally isn’t easy — it requires humility, empathy, and a willingness to listen and learn. It takes courage to use your privilege and platform to amplify the voices of others, especially those who don’t have the same opportunities or visibility.  Isn’t that what all nurses (and people) deserve? 

Get ready to explore practical tips and strategies to help you become a better ally in your nursing practice. This challenge will help you access tools to better understand unconscious biases, learn how to speak out against discrimination, and much more.  

Though this challenge has concluded, we invite you to try the challenge with a friend or colleague. 
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Date & Time
Monday April 8th, 2024
End Date & Time
Friday April 19th, 2024

How are you doing in the challenge?

DebPrice DebPrice May '24

 The vibrant yellow of these flowers makes me feel so full of life and energy, they reflect the deep yellow of our beautiful sun. 

ChristiM ChristiM May '24

@DebPrice These are stunning! If you head over to the Snaps and Steps Challenge, sponsored by Humana you'll be able to see more contributions!

kwanda kwanda May '24
These beauties were on my walk in Central Park … day 1 of May Challenge
ChristiM ChristiM May '24

@kwanda Beautiful! If you head over to the Snaps and Steps Challenge, sponsored by Humana you'll be able to see more contributions!

EstherB EstherB Apr '24

This challenge is timely and such an eye opener. I am looking forward to learning more and I hope that it will help me see things differently, be open minded and embrace other people's opinions.

We hope so too @EstherB. Thank you for sharing! 

just signed up for this challenge, looking forward to learning more about it 

Welcome @Virda Swales, BSN! You can catch up to us by starting with day 1 here

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