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Toni Scott

This week, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on Toni Scott, MSN, CYT and founder of Yogatones. Below is peek at her wellness journey:
As a former burnt out nurse, and now a yoga and mindfulness provider, this challenge lies deep within my heart, beliefs, and work. It supports my personal and professional mission of providing nurses with inspiration and education that will lead to creating and maintaining healthier lifestyles.

I inspire others by leading by example.  I once was a chain smoking, overweight nurse mindlessly living an unhealthy lifestyle. Today I’m a mindful, healthy nurse with a goal to lead others, within and outside of the profession to create and maintain healthier lifestyles. 

My journey from burnt out to wellness took me down a dark road that led to growth, self-love, self-awareness and the importance of caring for myself first. I experienced a true self-awakening that shaped and changed my life journey as I knew it. Now I care for myself first, and without a doubt, know that the care I provide to others is authentic, healthy and born from self-care and self-love.

Toni Scott, MSN, CYT

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