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Daisy Molina

We are proud to shine the #HealthyNurse Spotlight on Daisy Molina, MSN-Ed, RNC-LRN, CLS, CIME.  

Daisy discovered her way to better health through a weight management program.  She now feels empowered to take on any challenge that comes her way.  Read more about how she discovered balance, consistency, and sustainability in her diet and attitude toward food.

0d7b9d84b00b820aa058d94ccaeeb1f7-huge-dmI often try to find an exact place or time, when my relationship with food became unhealthy. I grew up in a household that considered food celebratory in nature, and being a bit “chubby” signified good health. Although my parents were not overweight, my siblings and I were. Most of the time, our meals were healthy, considering what is available in the market today. We always had protein, salads, vegetables, but those carbs! Fast forward to high school and college, I began to wonder why I could not buy clothes as easily as my friends did, and if I wanted to wear something trendy, I struggled.

In nursing school, I began to inflict a lot of damage on my body, by doing fad diets that would give me quick results, but as soon as I returned to my previous eating habits, the weight gain doubled. I made excuses, such as, “I can lose weight whenever I want.” or “I’m a foodie, and I should not be deprived of any kind of food.” 

I have been overweight for most of my adult life. I have never had a "normal" BMI and the concept of having a “healthy weight” was foreign to me. I have tried so many diets that have been unhealthy, all in the name of trying to fit in or be normal. I have realized, at the end of such a dysfunctional relationship with food, my weight loss came from creating a balance with food and activity that is sustainable. I recall years ago when I began to take spin classes. I was obsessed! And guess what; spinning 4-5 times a week did not help me lose weight, and it did not change my relationship wi
th food. Balance, consistency, and sustainability are key. 

Last March, I walked into Weight Watchers knowing I had hit rock bottom. I had to come to terms with my past, and unlock the key to my food issues. I was no longer afraid to admit the fact that my weight was a reflection of food issues that troubled me for years. Coming to terms with that is difficult. I have an incredible support system that encourages my efforts. I take it one day at a time. Not every day is perfect, but I have learned to do better with the next meal.   

I have done a lot of self-reflection throughout this past year. No more excuses, no more rationalizing. I realized that if I did not do something soon, I would have a future filled with comorbidities due to this unhealthy lifestyle. I go to the gym 5 days a week, not for performance, but for attendance. My activity of choice is walking. I track everything I eat, I drink a gallon of water every day, and many insignificant rituals that I’m sure have nothing to do with weight loss. I never deprive myself of any food; I make choices. If I crave something that I feel “must” have, I eat it, record it, and move on. I weigh in weekly, and try to use the number for data and not for the purpose of defining who I am. 

Weight Watchers meetings, specifically “Troop 730,” have provided a lifeline that I feel has been instrumental to my success.  I spend time with people who share my story. Listening often helps me realize how far I’ve come. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, and here I stand. Whenever I start to become complacent, I revisit my “why” and go back to the day I walked into Weight Watchers for the first time.  I never thought I could accomplish what I’ve done in the past 11 months. I have lost 65 pounds, and have gained a total mind shift that has impacted the choices I make on a daily basis. I am finally free from the “food demons” that plagued me in the past. I love the woman that I’ve become, and I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

Daisy Molina, MSN-Ed, RNC-LRN, CLS, CIME

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​Amen!!!  I'm with you.  I too have a similar story, foodie, love to eat, and told myself why should I deprive myself of food, I can always lose it tomorrow!!! 
Then I started to go to the gym 4-5 days a week in November but still the weight was not coming off.  A few weeks ago a fellow nurse told me that you can't out exercise a poor diet!!!  That hit home for me.  Both my husband and I have joined Weight Watchers on the App.  We love it!!  In the last ten days I have lost 7 pounds!!!  I have tried other diets in the past.  I joined NutriSystem almost 30 years ago and lost a big chunk right out of my wallet!!!!!  Weight Watchers is a healthy eating plan.  My husband and I love the App where we can just barcode scan foods to see how many points it would be.  There are over 200 ZERO point foods to choose from.  
​Keep up that great work Daisy.  You should be proud!!
Merry Bond Merry Bond Mar '18
Daisy Molina‍ You are an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your story and way to go!  I appreciate the emphasis on choices and not letting your weight or a number define you as a person.