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Swardiq “Q” Mayanja

eab14b1a925f672f50771324aa90f2e0-huge-q.We are proud to shine the #HealthyNurse Spotlight on Swardiq “Q” Mayanja.

Q is a “nurse by day and host of the 'Everyday Hero' show by night.” His wellness journey centers on finding his personal joy in the nursing profession AND having a fulfilling side gig where he often shows gratitude for heroes overlooked by the public. Read his story below.

My name is Swardiq Mayanja, but I also go by Q. I have been a nurse for just under two years, and I feel as though I have made the absolute best decision EVER. My parents are Ugandan, but I was born in South Africa. I moved to the US when I was 6 years old, and grew up in Newton, MA. I always knew nursing was my calling, because many close relatives were nurses. At my high school, the sciences came fairly easy to me, so I stuck with it and decided to go to a junior college after graduation for my nursing degree. 
Receiving an Associate Degree in Nursing from MassBay Community College was challenging. We had a concept-based curriculum which has changed the way I learn, while drastically improving my critical thinking and decision making skills. The program’s focus on evidence based practice, has added and improved many nursing interventions in my repertoire. I am continuing my nursing education, at Southern New Hampshire, where I plan to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and hopefully a Masters in Nursing.
I truly believe that nursing is a lifestyle, and not just a career path. So I have decided to take nursing outside the hospital. Yes, I am a nurse by day but, I am also a Progressive Nursing News host by night. On my YouTube channel, I bring nurses around the world news, current events, research and fun topics. I believe that just like nurses, there are many folks in the world that do AMAZING work for their communities, but don’t receive the acknowledgment they deserve. So on my YouTube channel I also have an interview series, where I bring on local heroes and discuss their lives.  My YouTube channel currently has 1,500 subscribers and over 100,000 views.  One of my most popular shows was
“5 Nursing Careers You Didn’t Know Existed," which currently shows over 63,000 views.  One of these careers is nurse coaching for improved health!

I came across HNHN on Facebook and twitter and felt a real calling to participate. An important part of health is happiness and fulfillment.  My continuing nursing education and YouTube channel feed my happiness and fulfillment and I encourage all nurses to pursue their dreams as well. Find me on all social media: @swardiqmayanja

Swardiq 'Q' Mayanja, RN 

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