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Christian R. Schreckhise

This week’s #HealthyNurse Spotlight is on Christian R. Schreckhise. Christian is a student at Pennsylvania State University’s College of Nursing and is also the SNAP Public Relations Chair.  See his spotlight below on how even as a very busy nursing student, he keeps healthy.
7362b9e566c34d6a5cdd54511c5c0f18-huge-chMy role with HNHN is to help facilitate activity amongst our members, encouraging them to be active in their day to day lives and to make sure they track their steps on the HNHN website. So my role is less online and more face to face.

Pertaining to my personal life, I'm always on the move. Always being on the move, I make sure that I always have everything I need before leaving my dorm. A critical part of having that focus is getting enough sleep.

While many college students (myself included) don't always get the recommended amount of sleep, it is important that sleep schedules are regulated. I do this by going to bed at the same time every night as opposed to trying to be consistent with how many hours of sleep I get. With ROTC, I'm up early and working out before the sun rises. Doing this gets my body up and working so that my day is more proactive. However, it's important that with all the exercise, that my diet is balanced.

I do my absolute best to eat breakfast every day, so that my muscles can recover properly and my body as a whole is functioning well. In addition, I make time to go to the gym and study standing up (either at a chalk board, or at a high desk). By doing all of these, I stay in good health and stay fit while undergoing the intense curriculum that is to be expecting from the College of Nursing.

Thank you for the opportunity to have a spotlight moment so that I can share my story.

Christian R. Schreckhise, PSU Class of 2020

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