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Dr. Charlene Moske-Weber

This week we are proud to shine the #HealthyNurse Spotlight on Dr. Charlene Moske-Weber.
ef7ad3003e57b10ba1e99905c60805e7-huge-chAs a longtime advocate for health and wellness among nurses, I am thrilled to be part of the American Nurses Association’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) initiative. As a nurse educator, I am concerned about the disconnect that exists between nursing’s prescribed role of promoting health and the personal health behaviors of many student nurses and nurse faculty. Many of them may struggle with addressing issues like obesity, inactivity, sound nutrition, and stress management with others because they themselves struggle with these issues. I strongly believe that student nurses and nurse faculty must more intimately acquaint themselves with strategies for sustainable personal wellness so that they may serve as credible role models of health for others.

A strong supporter of healthy living both in and out of the nursing classroom, students listen when I speak of the importance of a holistic approach to self-care that includes regular exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and stress management. Nursing school is rigorous. Students ought to be introduced to ways in which living well can assist them not only in their academic success, but as future nurses.

With a firm belief that assisting students to maintain a balance of self-care while learning to care for others is critical, as part of the educator role, nurse faculty must also learn to maintain this delicate balance. Adopting philosophies congruent with those of HNHN can facilitate this process.
0a10d99aa4d07458c472ff607c485c29-huge-chThis year, on a journey toward completion of an Ironman triathlon, I use my training time to reflect on how I can contribute to the health and wellness of students and nurse. Long runs, time on the bike, and even under water while swimming, strategies to promote healthier habits among students and nurse faculty have been revealed. As an example, inspired by HNHN, I am currently creating a wellness website for nursing students and faculty. To address the various HNHN domains of wellness, as a certified fitness trainer and healthy cooking enthusiast, I hope to upload videos on workouts, yoga, and healthy, easy meal preparation for busy students and educators. The importance of sleep will be emphasized, as will connecting socially outside of school/work. 
In September, with the assistance of HNHN, I plan to work toward creation of  an overall ‘Culture of Health’ within the school of nursing. Similar to training for the Ironman, this process will require planning, effort, and perseverance. To improve the health of nurses now and in the future, the message of HNHN must be brought to the finish line.  

Dr. Charlene Moske-Weber

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