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Kimberley Smith

We are proud to shine the #HealthyNurse Spotlight on Kimberley Smith, RNC, BSN. A frequent poster on our private Facebook group, Kimberley has been focusing on fueling her body with better nutrition, not for weight loss, but for energy. Read more about Kimberley below as she shares what she enjoys about HNHN. 

634b776f1687d396b17e2b85e48c0f78-huge-kiAfter 33 years of preaching health promotion activities to my patients while working long hours without real meals and not enough water to keep a cactus alive, it was an automatic “yes” to join the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge (HNHN).  When you care for others you often forget to care for yourself. The reality is: to really do your best in caring for those around you at work or at home, you must take care of yourself first. If not, they only get what’s left of you instead of the best of you.  

I have always exercised regularly and usually ate healthy, but as I have gotten older, it has become much harder to maintain a healthy weight. I found the key starts with your diet. No, not dieting! I have vowed to never do that again, but eating for energy. Once you begin to eat for energy-everything changes-fueling your body with the right nutrition affords you the energy to move and achieve once again a healthy weight.

What has HNHN done for me over the past year? Nurses working 12 hour shifts have such varied schedules; it’s hard to have an exercise accountability partner. HNHN on Facebook is a community that offers inspiration, laughter, and all the positive affirmation needed to continue your journey to maintain your health goals on a daily basis.  

There are so many ideas for targeted exercise, meal prep and nutritional programs that have proven successful for the members.  Everyone is willing to share information, making us the best we can be!

Thank you for this opportunity, I feel so honored!

Kimberley Smith, RNC, BSN

Are you a #HealthyNurse? Would you like to be highlighted in our next #HealthyNurse Spotlight? Share your stories with us in our discussion.

c987219becfc64baa8a999f8eee281c1-huge-anHave you joined the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) Grand Challenge yet? Join us today

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