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Jenell Steele

f15fa5a076265fb9d71540e4148c63f2-huge-jaWe are pleased to shine the #healthynurse Spotlight on Jenell Steele, BSN, RN.  When Jenell realized she was not always practicing what she was preaching, she made several healthy changes to her lifestyle.  

As nurses, we do a great job managing the health outcomes of other people, less than stellar for ourselves! Most of us think we have time; we will get to it when we’re not so busy. You can either invest in your health now or invest in your prescriptions later, that’s what it boils down to. It was a tough shift to align my actions with my goals, but it was necessary. At one point I was preaching to patients about unhealthy habits and outcomes that I met the same criteria for. I had to make my video match my audio; my words had to become my actions.

I am finally showing up for my family, community, and patients as an example of wellness and not just a talking head. I simply started fee26cfe85b2ef3156abc62602a66f15-huge-jaincluding myself on the to-do list; I had to prioritize my health. I started with drinking more water, hot yoga and walks around my neighborhood. With time and intention, my routine advanced to include spin class and running as well. At this point, I am drinking a gallon a day and completed my first half marathon this past March! I have found that the better I feel, the more fully present I can be, and it has changed my life.

6a5892aff36d4ea4e4c1e933659f06a4-huge-jaThe Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation initiative helped me take the guilt out of that bathroom break or snack I’d been dying to have. This initiative reminded me that caring for my patients did not mean neglect of self. HNHN empowered and equipped me to approach my manager about engaging colleagues in health-focused activities, and she was on board! While I make strides in my personal wellness journey, I am also able to encourage and impact others along the way! I am now a more confident, #healthynurse, and I am truly leading the way to better health.

I count it a privilege to share my journey with you, and I wish you the best on yours! If you’re on social, let’s connect! FB:Jenell Patrice IG:@nellynelle19 YT:Nellynelle19

Be well, 

Jenell Steele, BSN, RN

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