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Kiki Magno

2ce01f1970bdf7c9fe453be3a57e4080-huge-kiWe are pleased to shine the #healthynurse Spotlight on Kiki Magno, MSN, RN, BC.

To me, self–care is primary care. It has always been at the forefront of my mind. I have a continued passion for integrating holistic and complimentary practices into my daily regime. I have an evening routine as my day unwinds. I listen to calming music, mostly sounds of nature, with my I Home speaker and it allows me to connect with my emotions and be present in the moment. My lavender diffuser enhances the mood as I open my heart and quiet my mind. This routine empowers me to reflect on all of my thoughts and interactions for the day and regain my energy as I indulge in reading my mindfulness journal.

This regimen enhances and connects the 5 senses to maintain emotional balance and health. Recharging and having this time to focus on healing and wellness has become a positive daily ritual. I also enjoy biking on beautiful days, and reiki to reawaken the energy inside of me. Becoming certified in reiki has also enhanced wellness on the unit that I lead. Team members are provided the opportunity to receive reiki during their shift or indulge in our newly created Self-Care Café. This mobile free standing cart was created by me for both myself as well as the team as a continuous reminder of the need for wellness and self- care. I incorporated a few modalities that I use at home such as essential oil aromatherapy, soft music, and inspirational books to reset emotions and nourish spirituality.

The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge encourages and inspires me to continue to invest in my health and share my best practices for wellness to my team. Together we collaborate and support each other through this continued journey of wellness. I have inspired my team in many ways and even used my creativity, and compassion to orchestrate and lead a wellness event called Caring for Colleagues. This was an inspirational day of healing and rejuvenation that featured reiki, yoga, essential oils, and mindfulness meditation. I have also implemented the first RN support group, Heart to Heart that focuses on emotional and spiritual health. 

My passion for wellness has increased awareness, and inspired other nurses to take the Grand Challenge. I have become a critical designer of my own wellness plan and continue to advocate for our future Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation! “Self-care is an act of self-love.”   

Kiki Magno MSN, RN, BC

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