Mayra Lopez, RN, MSN, Diabetes Education Specialist

52242640847ebe508dc748ad44639f6e-huge-maI started a new position as a Diabetes Education Specialist, at a very busy urban teaching hospital, and although I was very blessed to have this new position, it was very stressful, just learning the new job.  After a few months, I felt like I had  a grasp of my new job and began to self-reflect about my own health, since I have a family history of diabetes.  I was also in the process of renewing my life insurance, and for a few weeks I was quite concerned I would not qualify for the higher coverage, for fear that I myself, would have prediabetes.

Due to the new job, I was also invited to attend a Nurse Retreat, and it was at this meeting that I learned about Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation. It was just a 2 minute blip about self-care, at the end of a presentation.  But that sound bite made the difference, and sparked my interest.  So I logged on and joined Healthy Nurse, Health Nation the very next day! And the journey began…

Along with my much hesitant husband, I decided to  make a pledge to eat more non-starchy vegetables at lunch and dinner, and at first, I must admit it was difficult. My poor husband did not have a choice (he does not know how to cook).  We both loved eating rice, so instead of eating rice, I replaced it with riced cauliflower, and once again, at first it was not easy!  I  continued on my quest to eat more vegetables, and found that an iron skillet , olive oil, and fresh veggies was the way to go for us.  I learned to love the right brand of riced-cauliflower, broccoli and onion combo, and it is absolutely delicious, and honestly, I do not miss the rice.  My husband occasional will beg me for some “real rice”. 

Funny how when you focus on one aspect of your health, you start thinking about other ways to improve your self-care.  After recovering from a foot injury, I’ve started to walk/jog again.  Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation has really held me accountable with the challenges and has motivated me with all the wonderful, inspirational stories.  I know my journey will never end, because I am a grandmother to a beautiful new granddaughter born the end of December 2018, and two rambunctious 2 -year old grandsons.  I will be teaching them that a healthy life promotes a happy life. 

Well, concerning my medical profile for life insurance, I came out NOT having prediabetes!  Thank God!   And my journey continues to a happy life!

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

Posted by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN on Jan 17, 2019 3:21 PM America/Chicago

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Kudos to you Mayra for letting the spark take hold and get your journey kick-started! I'm sure your husband and grandchildren appreciate and will benefit greatly from your efforts. Keep going, you're doing great!
  • Posted Tue 22 Jan 2019 03:52 AM CST

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