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Amy B. Eilertsen

This week, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on Amy B. Eilertsen, MN, RNHere is Amy’s inspiring health journey following a serious hip injury:

a097485984deb9ac3234d1d8abb43ccb-huge-am“A year ago during a dressage lesson I was unexpectedly thrown from a horse and hit the dirt squarely on my left hip.  Activity is such an important part of maintaining my physical and mental health that, despite a lot of pain and limited ability to bear weight, I picked myself up and got back on the horse. I refused to accept that I was injured. I was in complete denial that there was a problem.  Not surprisingly, I didn’t sleep off the pain as planned, and sought care in the ED 24 hours later where I was diagnosed with an acetabular fracture.  This was my second pelvic fracture from falling from a horse, which led me to the decision to stop riding altogether.  It was very, very difficult for me to give up my life dream, and frankly, I didn’t know what to do next. 

I continued to be in pain after the fracture had healed and was diagnosed with post-traumatic arthritis, and a torn hip labrum and cartilage.  I had always had athletic hobbies and couldn’t see a way forward. My hip bothered me even walking at work and I was no longer active. I gained weight and lost contact with my horse barn friends. Things felt quite bleak.

In late June I went on vacation to Wales with my siblings. We rented a canal boat for a week and my sister and I decided to walk the tow paths next to the boat as we motored from place to place. The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny, the scenery was gorgeous, and although I was uncomfortable, I started to feel better. 

After returning home from vacation, I made time during lunch to walk the lovely wooded Schweitzer Trails at work. Although the trails are on a large hospital campus, they are peaceful, quiet and restorative. As my fitness increased, I lost weight and felt so much better! I started exploring local trails on the weekends, and slowly increased my mileage.   

This November, I took the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge and was delighted to find a supportive and fun nursing community!  I signed up for the HNHN Turkey Trot Challenge and committed myself to hiking, something that I had enjoyed for years, but had set aside to study dressage.  I hiked a local “big little mountain,” a seven mile round trip with a 1.2K foot elevation gain.  It was a gorgeous trip and, though I have hip discomfort, I had a blast. The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge community is a wonderful, supportive resource for nurses wishing to attain and maintain their health. Thank you, ANA!” 

Amy B. Eilertsen, MN, RN

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