Weight Loss Naturally

I want to loose weight but I want to do it naturally. Tried weight watchers in 2007 and I haven't gained any of it back but I found it was too expensive with the meetings and the food choices. What can anyone recommend?
Posted by Thelma on Nov 29, 2018 12:12 PM America/Chicago

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Hi, here's a plan that worked for me, working with a trainer at my gym.  3 meals per day, of 400 calories each.  Do not skip a meal.  It leads to binging.   every 2-3 hours, eat a small snack of 100 calories. ( handful of nuts, piece of fruit, raisins, hard boiled egg ).  this keeps you from falling into craving. 8-10 glasses of H20, unsweetened ice tea or coffee per day.  Work out 4-6 x per week.  I'm post menopausal & I lost 2 lb per week doing this.  It helps to have a friend or a group working on the same plan. Good luck.
  • Posted Sat 01 Dec 2018 09:28 PM CST

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