Getting more sleep

I plan to make more time for myself to rest and go to bed at reasonable time- 10:30- 11pm
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PColleen PColleen Jul '19
My goal is to reach 8hours of sleep at least 4 nights a week.
NicoleV93 NicoleV93 May '19
I agree Sue. I have the same issue. On my days off, I tend to stay up later than usual which I think is interfering with my sleep the day before work. I try and hit the 8 hour mark, but sometimes it will end up being 6 hours when I work the next day and I do feel it for the 12 hours I work. 
Mowygirl Mowygirl Apr '19
This area is a struggle for me especially after doing 28 years of nights. I go to bed early before my scheduled shifts but when I don’t have to work I stay up way too late even though I’m tired. I get about six hours a night.
Myrn Myrn Apr '19
enough more time of rest will have good condition of mind



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