"Me Time" Without The Guilt Or Anxiety

I have a tendency to feel guilty when I am not up and running around, making things happen in my world.  I know that I need that down time to recharge, but I also know that when I actually take that time, it can also increase my anxiety.  Staying busy and running from one task to another keeps me in the moment and prevents my brain from needing to deal with things on my plate other then the "right now".  Sometimes when I have that down time, I start over-analyzing rather than working from my intuition and the stress response will build for me.  It's a vicious circle really....  knowing I am so busy, yet finding myself taking on more responsibilites, to satisfy that accomplishment need I have.  Then, in quiet moments of life, it all just hovers over me and makes me feel out of control because I am no longer in a reactive stage - but contemplating stage.  A moment of facing what's ahead and wondering if what I've done was the right thing.   I need to find a steady balance and know it's okay to say no.  To not feel guity for scheduling time to focus on my needs, hobbies and enjoyments.  For knowing it is okay to distance myself from work AND my loved ones, to have that solitary time to truly become mindful of where I am in life.
Posted by Jessica Polcyn on Apr 13, 2018 3:16 PM America/Chicago

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