Quality And Quantity Of Time And Of Life

Journals and doodles, imagination and reflection covers many pages of spiral bound notebooks... the notebook that captures the free-hand words and images of both, my  refreshed and exhausted minds.  It is interesting to review the many piece-milled word documents, to-do lists, sticky reminders, inspirational quotations, and even real-life experiences that I have documented overtime.  The enormous amount of time spent paused in reflection and planning is clear to reveal.  I pledge to become mindful of the time I spend during those few early morning and evening moments that impacts the quality and quantity of my personal time.  A more purposeful intent of rewind and fast-forward - if the quality or quantity of my time spent moves the dots closer on my personal and professional happy graph, then the queues and red flags prevail.  My time is to valuable to spend wasted.  As a health professional, my passion for healing, health, and well-being of others often times clouds my perspective as clinician who serves with compassion.  My personal objective is to optimize my own physical and mental health, all the while serving others with the same nursing excellence I wish for myself and my family. 
Posted by Lindsay Davis on Jun 19, 2018 8:00 PM America/Chicago

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