Emotional and interpersonal wellness commitment

I am making a commitment to improving my emotional and interpersonal wellness. 
Although I feel resilient and balanced in my personal life, I know my wellness in these areas at work needs more attention. 
My plan :
Continue meditating daily at home for 10-20 minutes daily 
mediating in work parking lot before leaving car 5-10 minutes
I intend to set limits on conversations that increase my stress level, unless it is directly related to patient care. Walk away or take a minute to breathe. 
I make a commitment to listen more and talk less.
I commit  to take time to breathe and focus prior to responding to questions or comments. 
I commit to give coworkers the benefit of assuming they all have the best intentions and are doing the best they can . 

I am practicing patience
Blog Community Quality of Life Commitments 12/23/2018 9:01am CST



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