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I will walk 30 min/day at least 6 days/week
Blog Commitment to Quality of Life 12/12/2019 10:47am CST

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After work at home, mostly - I get out so late it's already dark, and the weather is iffy in New England.  I serf me timer & march - ironically, that is what we did in "gym" class in 1st & 2nd grade!
abbyeed abbyeed Dec '19
JeanneAllen‍ What a great commitment! Do you plan on walking outside for 30 minutes, on a treadmill, or at work? How will you achieve this goal? I've made the same commitment a few months ago but realized that I get this much walking at work so I increased my step count. 
I love outdoor biking but now the weather is not conducive to bike out doors ,I bought an indoor stationary bike so that I will continue to enjoy the activity and at the same time the benefit of it regardless of what the weather outdoors look like.That’s my commitment.


Commitment to Quality of Life
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Commitment to Quality of Life