3-month End Of Year Activity Level Up!

This weekend marks my 58th birthday and leaves 3 months to the end of 2021. During the pandemic restrictions, I have really missed my external gym / studio class memberships and struggled to stay committed and consistent with home work-out routines on my own.  I am setting the goal to start this weekend with a new activity schedule. I will schedule 3 1-hour classes or outdoor activity sessions/week and advance to 5/week as my endurance improves. I will also start 20 minute total body strength training 1x week & build to 3x/week as strength improves. By the end of the year, I want to be feel energized after working out not exhausted, I want to have improved strength, muscle tone and flexibility instead of feeling de-conditioned, stiff and in pain.
Blog Community Physical Activity Commitments 09/23/2021 2:23pm CDT



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