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This is a problem for me. Although I am not a lazy person nor am I someone who does not want to exercise, I have no motivation and stick-to-it ness. I will start with a plan that I have come up with, do it one or two days and then no more. Start again and the same thing happens. I NEED MOTIVATION, and do not know how to draw on it from any source. So here I will challenge myself to at least 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week. This may be challenging, but I have to do it. I do hope that this time I will be successful!
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KarenBell KarenBell Oct '21
@AnnieG2, I struggle with time as well. Commute to work, school, and then life. I bought a Peloton-ish bike this fall and loved riding it and using the Peloton app (which you can purchase independent of the bike itself) love the instructors for classes, so many options!   
All-In All-In Oct '21
I’m right there with you! I finally got so discouraged with beating myself up because I wasn’t exercising or eating the way I wanted to so it became a source of stress. I found a website that offered a way to be more mindful about my nutrition and they offered nutrition coaches and my coach shared an article the other day that focused on planning. It seems like such a simple thing. But as you mentioned we have really great intentions it’s not that we don’t want to do it but for whatever reason we don’t get to do it. But I making a plan, Putting it in your schedule or on your calendar it becomes a little bit easier to visualize and then make happen. So today I was working from home and I knew if I didn’t plan my walk I’d work all the way through the day and then wouldn’t have time. So I literally set an alarm on my watch for a specific time and when the alarm went off I stopped what I was doing I got up I did my walk and then I came back. It’s really mentally impactful because not only did you do what you said you were going to do so you feel the sense of accomplishment but the more you do that you start to establish healthier habits. Best of luck to you! We’ve got this!


Commitment to Physical Activity
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Commitment to Physical Activity