Strength training commitment 4439

Strength training commitment

During the height of Covid my husband was diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer. After treatment, we decided to devote more of our household/personal budget to health. Because he has a severed nerve from the procedures, we decided to work with a trainer to improve his overall strength. I too signed up for once weekly sessions. At my age (62), I worried about core strength and balance; and we have seen incredible results through this commitment. I am no body-builder, but can attest to the benefit of having a trainer who has the knowledge to work with all ages and medical conditions. More importantly, the dedication to my own health has spilled over to my resilience in both work and home life.
Even if you cannot afford a personal trainer, there are many at-home options available. Stay healthy my friends!
Blog Commitment to Physical Activity 04/20/2023 4:40pm CDT

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