Improving physical wellbeing 4575

Improving physical wellbeing

Over the past few semesters of college, I have been more involved in physical fitness and going to the gym. This is something that makes me feel good, mentally and physically. Over the summer and this semester, I have hardly been going at all. I believe that it is important to re-incorporate this into my routine, especially during my night shift clinical, as they are harder on my body and throw it into an abnormal routine. Having more activity in my weeks should help me feel better and give me a little boost of energy. I am making a commitment that for the rest of the semester, I will go to the gym at least one time per week. 
Blog Commitment to Physical Activity 10/15/2023 9:39pm CDT

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ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Kaylee Sixsmith Great commitment!


Commitment to Physical Activity
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Commitment to Physical Activity