Difficulties in the desert heat 82

Difficulties in the desert heat

Living in the Arizona desert presents some unique challenges to exercie that is opposite most of the country in the summer.  When everyone else is getting outdoors more, we move indoors; not out of comfort, but for sheer survival.  I live in the hottest part of Arizona where the temperature tops out at 120.  It's been over 2 weeks of temps above 110.  This kind of heat does not dissipate, there are no afternoons storms - might rain in July if we're lucky (we're not always lucky).  Now it is July,the hottest month where  the humidity spikes & we see storms on the horizon, but rarely can penetrate this deep.  That leaves no time where it is not dangerous to exercise outside.  I have 3 dogs that I love to take on long walks, but now that is not an option.  Probably won't be again until late September.  My neighborhood is on the edge of the wild desert which is fantastic during the winter & not now.  Even if I wanted to take the dogs out in the extreme hours, coyotes roam, scorpions waddle, & don't get me started on my rattlesnake fears.  Indoor gyms only offer so much.  Local pool has nice hours - if you like swimming during late morning into early afternoon.

So I have begun to get up at 0400 every monring to hit the gym to get in a quick 30 minute workout before my 45-minute commute to be at work by 0700.  It is getting easier as the routine gets longer.  Going after work is not an option as fatigue is an effective deterrent to...everything.

That is my commitment, continue getting up & getting into the gym before I know what time it is.
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I feel you. I live in Imperial valley near yuma so yeah.. Pretty much the same thing. But with th cooler weather I try to woekout around 40 min a day.

Unfortunatley I live in Bullhead City on the Colorado River & Phoenix is 4 hours away.  Unless I can event plan from a distance, I won't be much help.  It does sound like an interesting idea, so keep me in the loop.

P.S. It rained last night!!!!  Now it's a steam bath today.  Be careful what you wish for.
Jennifer, are you interested in planning an event in late September that will get us Arizonians motivated to train over the summer?  Let me know.  I need to have a goal. 
Jennifer, I feel your pain!  I also live on the surface of the sun, called the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix AZ!  It's hot!  But we do have options for exercise. Getting up before the sun is an option. I have exercise DVD's that I can pop into the VCR. My problem is motivation!  I need motivation. The heat zaps my energy!  


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