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This week, we are pleased to focus on NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s plethora of wellness offerings for their employees.  See below for their all-encompassing approach.

"NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), the #1 hospital in New York based on U.S. News and World Report, is dedicated to preventing disease and improving the health and well-being of our patients, employees, and communities. Integral to this mission is our commitment to helping our employees improve and maintain their health and overall well-being. NYPBeHealthy is a comprehensive, employee-focused health and well-being program. Our three-pronged approach includes cultivating a healthy work environment for all employees, providing personalized services for our employees, and fostering a culture of wellness at NYP.

We believe in making the healthy choice the easy choice. In the workplace, we brand healthy food options with our NYPBeHealthy logo so employees may easily identify healthy options. As part of our Healthy Beverage Initiative, sugar-sweetened beverages are not sold on campus. Healthy recipes are available online for employees to access at work or at home. Discounts to local health clubs, bike racks, walking trails, and an onsite fitness center at NYP/Columbia are available to employees to help them engage in physical activity at or around work. In addition, we offer onsite and online complimentary restorative yoga and mindfulness classes for our employees to support their emotional well-being, combat compassion fatigue, and help relieve stress. Many of these discounts and resources are also available to our employees’ families.

We believe it's important to meet our employees where they are to help them improve and maintain their health. Annually, our biometric screening provides real metrics for individuals to assess their health risk. We provide onsite and telephonic complimentary well-being coaching to our employees to help them meet personalized nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and weight management goals. Coaches are available to meet employees in the coaching office, at the employee’s department, or other meeting space requested by the employee. In addition, our employees can access an online well-being platform to complete an annual well-being assessment and set personalized goals. Employees may also take advantage of GuidanceResources®, our Employee Assistance Program.

To foster a culture of health and well-being, hospital leadership supports and participates in NYPBeHealthy initiatives. We have a dedicated team to develop and implement health and well-being programming for over 40,000 employees at NYP, including our regional hospital network. Health and well-being is one of our six strategic initiatives at NYP. All new hires receive orientation to our program offerings on their first day of employment, and an overview of NYPBeHealthy resources is included in the new employee guidebook.

At NYP, we support employees during significant life events. Birthing mothers are eligible to receive paid, medically necessary leave, in addition to paid leave. We offer full-time eligible NYPH employees paid parental leave for up to six weeks to cover men and women who are primary caregivers welcoming a child through birth, adoption, or surrogacy. Secondary parents are entitled to two weeks of paid leave. This policy is the most comprehensive of its kind among New York City hospitals and healthcare systems, setting us apart in the healthcare industry.

NYP also supports employees during difficult life events. The Critical Illness Support Program was created to help employees who are experiencing a severe or terminal illness, or catastrophic accident. The program offers these employees individualized support and assistance to navigate the resources and benefits NYP has to offer. The Critical Illness Support Program is managed by a registered nurse and is available to all employees. Additionally, Occupational Psychiatry Clinical Case Managers have received Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training. CISM is a peer-driven intervention to assist people who are coping with a traumatic experience. These Clinical Case Managers have assisted employees with debriefings after a death of a colleague and after a significant adverse patient event.   

Furthermore, the NYP Health & Well-being department has identified the need to create a formalized bereavement response program to assist employees after a death of a colleague. Not only does NYP support the staff who have experienced the loss of a colleague; but also offers assistance to the bereaved family. NYP helps the bereaved family by offering NYP funded continuation of medical and dental benefits, assistance with obtaining life insurance benefits, and offering assistance in locating bereavement support groups.

At NYP, employees receive ongoing communication about our comprehensive wellness program. Information is easily accessible to employees through intranet postings, broadcast emails, onsite posters, and onsite outreach. In addition to ongoing programming, our annual challenges also engage employees in different areas of well-being. Whether it's maintaining weight during the holidays or improving their step count, employees work individually and as teams to compete for incentives. Our comprehensive approach to well-being combined with an organizational focus on creating a culture of wellness encourages employees to care for themselves and work toward their personal health goals year round."

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