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Use Or Advocate For A Resiliency Room


Resilience is crucial as you inevitably face hardships and adversity on the job. If there are resources around you to help build your resiliency, you should take advantage of them.

A resiliency room is one potential resource. Today, investigate whether your workplace has one. If it does, visit it for at least five minutes each week. Simply walking in the room and taking a breath can have a monumental impact on your personal perspective.

If your workplace doesn’t have a resiliency room, explore whether it’s possible to create one. Use these tips:
  • Propose the idea: Talk to your nurse manager, wellness committee, or human resources department — people who can make the idea a reality.
  • Find the funding: Work with your wellness committee or leadership to source the budget to get the resiliency room off the ground.
  • Collect all the pieces: Incorporate components like a sound machine, some aromatherapy oils, a comfy chair, and any other creative items you might want for the room.

For inspiration, see how #healthynurse Melinda Taylor created a resiliency room at her workplace as part of her DNP project.

Your employer may have another type of grounding, restful place such as a healing garden or chapel. Check out your options.

Do you use your organization’s resiliency room? What do you like or dislike about it? Share your updates with us in the challenge discussion thread, our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram.

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