Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation - Your Heart Needs Love Too Challenge, sponsored by Humana 95
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation - Your Heart Needs Love Too Challenge, sponsored by Humana

With Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of the month, February is known as a time of love. But how much love do you give to your own heart — an organ that beats 100,000 times a day and fuels your every move? 

The fact that February — the month of love — aligns so perfectly with American Heart Month is no coincidence. This incredible muscle is vital for your physical well-being, but it's also intertwined with the emotions of love and affection.  During this 10 day Your Heart Needs Love Too challenge, sponsored by Humana, we're going to give it a boost in all these essential areas. 

Get ready for a daily dose of heart wisdom tailored for nurses like you who are in the trenches. We won’t suggest drastic changes; it’s doable tweaks to your routine, easy-to-embrace habits, and nuggets of heart-friendly knowledge. 

Curious to see how a 10-minute walk or a moment of gratitude can make a world of difference? Eager to witness how cutting down on salt and ditching the habit of drinking your calories can make you feel? Join this challenge and give your heart the love it deserves.  

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This challenge is sponsored by Humana. 

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Date & Time
Monday February 12th, 2024
End Date & Time
Friday February 23rd, 2024

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