Clear the Clutter Challenge 33
Clear the Clutter Challenge
When you’re surrounded by too much — whether it’s physical items or a heavy mental load — it’s exhausting. If your plate is overflowing or there’s unnecessary stuff in your home, physically or mentally, your burden grows. You might feel anxious, drained, uncomfortable, and stressed. Your home (or your brain) isn’t the restful haven you’d like it to be.

Having more stuff doesn’t make life easier. You may find decluttering your physical and mental space can help you find calm, satisfaction, and comfort. Research shows that a clutter-free, well-organized home and workplace can improve your:
  • Mood
  • Productivity
  • Comprehension

You might be wondering: How can I declutter my life when I don’t have much time to spare?

During this challenge, you’ll have 10 opportunities to shed the clutter that takes up space in your world. Each day will provide a quick and easy task to lighten your load — both physically and mentally.

It’s the start of a new year, and there’s no better time than now to declutter your life. Let’s go!

Starts January 23, 2023

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Date & Time
Monday January 23rd, 2023
End Date & Time
Friday February 3rd, 2023

How are you doing in the challenge?


Headed for our kitchen junk drawer for day 5! 

Oh my gosh, I need this! My friends and I have a Facebook group about clutter.   I emptied my closet and have three boxes of stuff to donate.  

One thing I've found helpful in organizing my fridge/freezer is my Magic Marker pen. When I open items for use, I note the date on the lids to make sure I use everything while they are fresh and purge things each week for trash/recycling day. I also have certain shelves assigned so my healthy snacks are front & center and nothing get's lost and forgotten behind things only to be thrown out and wasted.  Same with the freezer, I started batch prep and have portioned sized items ready for use with the dates on them and when I put new items in, I reorganize with newest to the bottom so the ones there a few weeks are constantly moving to the top for use that coming week.

Despite a lot of things coming to me electronically, I always am amazed how much paper stacks and files accumulate in my office. I was always anxious to throw something away but started to clear not only 2022 papers but also previous years. My goal when mail arrives is to get rid of anything that doesn't need to be kept immediately so it doesn't even make it to a stack in my office. … Of course, I probably have tons on my computer that I don't need either but at least that's not what I see every morning when I sit down to work :)

Mail/paper clutter gets me too! I feel like we always have a growing pile on our island of mail that possibly could have something done with it, but also probably could just be tossed.

Cleared the clutter in my home office. Recycled old reference material that I had not touched in a year. Organized the references I do use daily for easier access. Changed the desk layout to one that is more in line with the way I reach for things or use equipment. Feels great to work in the space now! 

Here is the link for day 2: Challenge Tips - Get Your Thoughts Out

Doing this alongside 74 nursing students-- can't wait!  #healthierUS

Looking forward to clearing out the clutter to make life a little less overwhelming. Clearing the clutter will provide an environment promoting relaxation and focus for me!

As the kids are growing, I need to clear a path for the future!

Living a minimalist lifestyle has made a huge impact on reducing stress in our family. Decluttering is a constant and I am always looking for ways to improve the process. 

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