Meditate & Recalibrate, powered by CompassOne Healthcare 57
Meditate & Recalibrate, powered by CompassOne Healthcare

We know meditation can help us in our daily lives, yet we don’t take the time to develop a practice.  And it does require practice! The benefits of meditation are highly touted – it promotes emotional health and well-being, reduces anxiety, improves sleep and inner calm, and can help us be a better version of ourselves.

There are 6 types of meditation practices: Mindfulness, Spiritual, Focused, Movement, Mantra, Transcendental. Each offers its own routine, and by trying them all, you'll find at least one that will resonate with you.  The goal is to find one that you can embrace and be of lasting value in your life.

Our June challenge, Meditate & Recalibrate, powered by support from Compass One Healthcare, encourages you to carve out some time, even if it’s for 5 minutes, to try various types of meditation.  The quiet and peace of these practices will help you cope with the ongoing pandemic and its aftermath.

Join us by clicking "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" and invite a #healthynurse you know or share the challenge on your social media by clicking the links on this page. Are you ready? Get started here.

Starts June 8.

Sponsored by support from Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare


Date & Time
Monday June 8th, 2020
End Date & Time
Friday June 12th, 2020

How are you doing in the challenge?

Yoga yesterday with 5 minutes meditation was great
just needed this today, thank you
Meditated on the beach today 
Using headspace app. And also the calm app. Enjoying both of them. Meditating outside on my patio or in a neighborhood gazebo . 
Moonqueen Moonqueen Jun '20
Not sure how to approach this but I basically did an extended cool down after my  home workout. Joined a Headspace live meditation and followed that up with a playlist of calming contemporary Christian songs. Focused on my breathing, closed my eyes and made sure that I was facing the window so if I did open my eyes, I saw the birds and leaves in that tree outside. Managed to do this for almost an hour. Felt good!
Judyann Judyann Jun '20
Just joined
Janet P Janet P Jun '20
How do you get started? Is there a curriculum ?
Chapamaba Chapamaba Jun '20
Started using Headspace last week to help me get to sleep. So far I’m loving it!
I would rather start in the morning but was tardy in checking e-mails until this a.m. I have been thinking about spending time and being quiet. Tonight I will start then tomorrow morning before a grueling day of endoscopy recoveries I will have another go. I love that there are others doing this with me! I just need a moment to , "Be still and know..." 
jdr2010rn jdr2010rn Jun '20
Headspace is a great app.... I have also used Insight Timer. This one is great too. It will let you create your own meditation or you can find ones for free that are either guided or otherwise created for you. All time ranges included for beginner, intermediate, or advanced. I haven't been doing this consistently but I am going to try and create the habit starting this evening!

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