Leveling Your A1C Sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, an Operating Division of Compass One 34
Leveling Your A1C Sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, an Operating Division of Compass One
What if you could measure the state of your health over the past 3 months, then use the results as motivation to live healthier?

Your blood sugar levels are a good indicator of your overall health. Everyone, including those without diabetes, should care about their blood sugars — they’re often spiked by some surprising things, like sunburn, coffee, dehydration, or losing sleep!

One test that measures those levels — the A1C test — can provide more detail on your blood sugars, as well as determine if you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, or are at risk of developing it. For those who already have diabetes, A1C is a critical monitoring system that measures the effectiveness of your on-going diabetes treatment.

Even if you don’t have diabetes or prediabetes, your daily lifestyle impacts your blood sugar levels (and your health). Out-of-whack blood sugars can cause:
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Extreme thirst
  • Higher risk of heart disease
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Pancreas malfunction
  • Damaged blood vessels and nerves
  • High blood pressure

But there’s good news! Leveling your A1C doesn’t require overwhelming, over-the-top lifestyle changes. It’s about simple, healthier daily choices that every person — regardless of their blood sugar levels — should follow.

Those lifestyle choices include:
  1. Nutritious diet
  2. Exercise and weight loss
  3. Stress relief
  4. Healthy sleep

The HNHN community participated in this challenge in February, 2021. We invite you to try it on your own with a friend or colleague! Get started here.

The Leveling Your A1C challenge is sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, an Operating Division of Compass One

Date & Time
Monday February 22nd, 2021
End Date & Time
Friday March 5th, 2021

How are you doing in the challenge?

So grateful for the knowledge shared - loved this challenge thank you!
Gave up eating chocolate for 40 days
bjpalo81 bjpalo81 Mar '21
I have switched from using sugar to monk fruit or swerve. I haven't had regular sugar in 2 years, the only natural sugar I have is from fresh berries. 
Trying to add more fruits as a substitute for more sugary desserts. Have switched to having a mandarin after dinner at home to satisfy my desire to something sweet.
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '21
We ordered out last night and was very proud of my order. I got a grilled chicken salad and was able to enjoy it with using less than half of the salad dressing they provided. I was going to split a dessert, but they forgot to bring it so I did even better hah
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '21
Did pretty well over the weekend - did let myself enjoy a treat on Sunday. Ready to really focus on sugar this week and knock it out of the park!
Amy VLynch Amy VLynch Feb '21
Just joined this has been a struggle of mine since I was a child - I just love chocolate......I have quit soda and cut back on sugary dressing, coffee creamer, and such still have a glass of red wine maybe 1-2 nights a week but after dinner I still want my chocolate. Hope someone has a good suggestion or substitute 
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '21
Amy VLynch‍ I've heard great things about unsweetened cocoa powder and adding it to things to get your chocolate fix!
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '21
Lately I've been finding that Seltzer Waters are really helping with my sweet tooth. A little sweet flavor - no sugar - and helps me hydrate!
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '21
rxckp2‍ Yes! Their Pear/Peach flavor is my favorite!! AHA and Polar are my other go-tos that have good flavors.
rxckp2 rxckp2 Feb '21
I quit drinking soda like a year ago and seltzer was my savior. I highly suggest LaCroix, they sell them at Target.  Soooooo good!
It is the sugar hidden in “healthy food” that has amazed me. Looking forward to the suggestions for healthier and less sugary options
Just calculated the flavoring I put in morning coffee and it's 5.4 teaspoons.  Ugh.  I need reminders like this. Plus I had a cookie and chocolate.  Sigh.  But agree the awareness is key to making future changes!

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