Healthy Holidays Challenge, powered by Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare. 71
Healthy Holidays Challenge, powered by Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare.
As we enter the holiday season, stress seems to pile on. From planning holiday meals and get togethers to worrying about added calories from enjoying seasonal foods on top of daily stressors at work and home.

Our November challenge tackles how to mitigate stressors and focus on healthier eating during this time. Join us for the Healthy Holidays challenge, powered by Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare. 

Starts November 8, 2021 Sign up today! Join us by clicking "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" and invite a #healthynurse you know to join with you. Are you ready? Get started here.

Sponsored by Support from Morrison Healthcare, A Division of Compass One Healthcare 



Date & Time
Monday November 8th, 2021
End Date & Time
Friday November 19th, 2021

How are you doing in the challenge?

Kaleena Kaleena Nov '21

I have plans to get a Brita at work since I use the water cooler too much 

Carol D Carol D Nov '21

I bought a 40 ounce water bottle that is aesthetically pleasing to me. I like it’s color and it‘s features. I cut up fruit, freeze it in ice cube trays, and add it to my water for flavor. The frozen fruit also keeps the water cold and refreshing. I try to drink 120 ounces of water per day. Only filling it three times/day seems less overwhelming than filling 15 eight ounce glasses. 😉

Years ago our workplace wellness team did a hydration challenge. They gave everyone 6-8 bands to put around our wrists and, during the day, as you drank a glass you switched the band over to the other wrist to track how you did. They also gave everyone reusable water bottles that we could refill to make the process easier.  Having the chilled water available is still the key for me and I have a filtered container that is filled each morning for me to use.  It give me a visual check of if Im staying on track or getting behind as I see the level drop. I also like mixing it up with iced tea, fruit spritzers in addition to just plain water. All of those liquids count and help reach that daily goal. 

One other fact I noticed is that I always drink water when Im eating out and a glass is on the table but, I wasn't adding it to my own table at home. So I do that now at home too. However, I don't like to drink a huge amount during my meals and have read that that can affect your digestion. So, I start with water in the morning and continue between meals but just sip water during the meal itself.  I usually finish with my final glass a few hours before sleep.

Would be interested to hear how others spread out their intake.


ChristiM ChristiM Nov '21

I love the program your workplace did! I used to have certain times of day I would want to hit my hydration goals at - a bottle of water done by the time I got to work, another by noon, another at lunch, etc. Having small goals to hit through out the day really helped me.

Carol D Carol D Nov '21

Great idea about the wrist bands to keep track. You’re so right about water in restaurants but not at home. I am going to try that too. I have a pitcher of filtered water that I can put on my table during meals. Kudos! Great suggestions! 

“Treat yourself - in moderation” 

Deprivation can lead to frustration and even cravings for the thing you are eliminating - especially in the early stages when motivation and consistency are in the growth stages. Going “cold turkey” can backfire for some and who want's to live a life without the occasional treat? That's where this idea can help as you transition and in sustain healthy habits.

The 80:20 approach can be a tool for people to choose certain opportunities to ease back a little and enjoy the experience without guilt.  As today's article suggestions, stick to that serving or portion size then stop - but there in can lie the challenge.  Some of these foods  hit that reward center and can make us want us to eat more. Like all skills, practice builds improvement and developing the control to stop at that 1 piece of chocolate can actually feel quite empowering. No different than learning to stop when you are no longer hungry instead of clearing the plate.


ChristiM ChristiM Nov '21

My favorite mocktail is a summer one - cut a seedless watermelon in half, puree the inside with an immersion blender, then add bubble water and lime. Super fresh and tasty! I've also been meaning to try some of the drinks on this list

Thanks @ChristiM  Definitely found a few on this list to try! Here's a few more for you to look into 

When starting my wellbeing journey over 10 years ago, I eliminated alcohol and sodas initially as a method of cutting out calories & sugar that my body didn't need. I found that I felt so much better that I haven't replaced them back since then.  My favorite two non-alcoholic drinks are essentially juice spritzers instead of wine spritzers. I like cranberry juice topped with sparking water or tonic water with a twist of lime or a mix of cranberry & orange juice also topped off with sparking water.  I also just had a non-alcoholic mojito with ginger ale & mint in a restaurant that I'm going to play with for the holidays and have found that more restaurants are adding mocktails to their cocktail lists and there are even non-alcoholic botanical gins and wines for those that want something similar to their cocktails without the alcohol and often with less calories.

This post was interesting as the pairings they listed are some I love! 

Avocado toast with tomato is like guacamole for breakfast & who doesn't love guacamole 😊.  Living in the south I was introduced to beans and rice in various combinations and didn't come across any I didn't enjoy. I love adding fruit to my salads and like spinach salads but also just throw a handful spinach in with other romaine, spring mix blends too. I also throw black beans, peas, garbanzo beans for fiber and texture into most of my bowls of salad and top with a chia/hemp seed mix. Its easy to get some extra protein, fiber & other nutrients into your day with a just this small addition to each meal. 


ChristiM ChristiM Nov '21

I'm all for guacamole for breakfast! 🥑😁

Stress or comfort snacking is definitely something I have to be conscious of. I try to use a few mindful strategies… So I will ask myself, do I feel physically hungry?  If I think it may be a physical hunger, I often try a glass of water or a drink to see if it's hydration I need to address that I'm mistaking for hunger. Then I try to have healthy items ready and available & will sit to focus on food. If I'm browsing emails, or watching TV I can eat more than I need to by not paying attention to when my hunger was met. 

If I don't feel physically hungry, then the question I ask is… what emotional hunger am I about to fuel? Is it anxiety, fatigue, boredom? If so, can I tackle that a different way - E.g. taking a walk, talking to a friend, to attempt to deal with that and often find I don't need the snack I was reaching for. 

mkay mkay Nov '21

I am starting to feel more motivated - I think it is having all those mini Halloween treats purged from my body - thank you all for your tips and encouragement

Carol D Carol D Nov '21

I love roasted cauliflower as a snack. It’s healthier than chips and junk food, and it is more satisfying. I roast it with olive oil and spices. No guilt snacking while watching a movie! I also try to substitute apple sauce for the oil when baking for some recipes. 

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