Go Green & Eat Clean Challenge, powered by Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare 71
Go Green & Eat Clean Challenge, powered by Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare
Making healthy food choices improves your overall well-being and fuels your body to perform at its best. But did you know that food choices also have a significant impact on the environment?

Research shows that 70% of Americans think climate change is a serious threat. One way to make a difference is through clean, sustainable eating.

It’s sometimes confusing and overwhelming to figure out how to eat healthy while remaining green. Over the next 10 days, this challenge will give you practical tips and tricks to work into your everyday eating habits. Use these insights to make food choices that optimize both your personal health and the health of the environment.

Are you ready to learn how to make food choices that are good for you and the world we live in? Let’s go.

Starts November 7, 2022 Sign up today! Join us by clicking "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" and invite a #healthynurse you know to join with you. Are you ready? Get started here.

This challenge is powered by Morrison Healthcare, a Division of Compass One Healthcare



Date & Time
Monday November 7th, 2022
End Date & Time
Friday November 18th, 2022

How are you doing in the challenge?

Carol D Carol D Nov '22

I added fresh spinach to my pasta and it was delicious! I also bought some chia seeds to have for breakfast. 

ChristiM ChristiM Nov '22

We love the Silk Coconut milk and almond milks!

I always look for healthy hot chocolate drinks this time of the year but have not found it yet .Any suggestion will be appreciated 


I like to use OM mushroom hot chocolate.  I find it at one of our local health stores or you can go to the OM website.

CindyBr CindyBr Nov '22

We have a wonderful Fair Trade store. The chocolate bars they sell are amazing!

NCarey NCarey Nov '22

Doing well on the green. And have added drinking 1 Gallon of water a day and using a refillable 32 oz container. 😊

I fell off the green juice wagon and plan on jumping back on where I drink one homemade green juice as breakfast replacement!

1 cucumber, 1 lemon, fresh ginger, handful spinach (switch it up sometimes) 4 celery stalks, H2O, plus a fav sweetener.

I feel so good on days I do this. Looking forward ❤️ to restarting this.

The need for adequate hydration and attention to the impact on environment can not be over emphasized .

ChristiM ChristiM Nov '22

Had a veggie cavatappi for dinner. Will be checking out our local farmers market this weekend to see what they have in season!

garden vegetables cooked in smoked turkey meat served with boiled russet potato.

Salad with smoked chicken = yum!

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