No More Distracted Driving 44
No More Distracted Driving
As nurses, we make the safety of our patients a priority every day. Yet, there’s one thing many of us do daily that put us — and others — in danger: distracted driving. In fact, The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reports that distracted driving accounts for 25 percent of all car crashes and nine people die every day as a result of this epidemic.

Unfortunately, those numbers may not tell the whole story because distracted driving is vastly under reported.

In this 5 day challenge, we’ll share a practical tip each day to help you stay focused on the road to keep you, your passengers, and other people and animals safe.

Starts September 10. Sign up by clicking "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" or text healthynurse to 52886. Use the social media links on this page to invite a nurse you know to do the challenge with you. Get started here.


Date & Time
Monday September 10th, 2018
End Date & Time
Friday September 14th, 2018

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