#GetFinanciallyFit challenge series, powered by Prudential 62
#GetFinanciallyFit challenge series, powered by Prudential

It is evident that mindful money decisions play a central role in daily life. The last few years have taken a toll on nurse mental health and we know that financial stress could play a big part as nurses continue to face financial impacts

HEALTHY NURSE, HEALTHY NATION™ has partnered with Prudential to create the #GetFinanciallyFit challenge series to help nurses take a look at and assess financial wellness.

This series will provide you with resources and strategies to help you budget short and long term financial goals, cope with financial stress and provide tips on how to build up emergency savings to create a more secure financial journey.

The first challenge in the series will include webinars that explore:

  • Financial Wellness for Women
  • Challenges That Impact Your Financial Life
  • Student loans – How to Pay Off Your Debt
  • Budgeting & Emergency Savings
  • Understanding Your HSA

 Starts June 27. 

Sign up today. Click "Yes," under "Ready to Join?" and invite a #healthynurse you know or share the challenge on your social media by clicking the links on this page. 


This challenge is powered by support from 


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Date & Time
Monday June 27th, 2022
End Date & Time
Friday July 1st, 2022

How are you doing in the challenge?


I don’t see a start time or link to the session 

NovaNurse NovaNurse Dec '20
I want to know how spouses allocate money.  One shared account, open to all? One common budget?  Separate accounts?  Who decides what is a legit expense in a shared account?
NovaNurse‍ there are many ways to do this. A personal consultation with a Prudential expert may be the best format to discuss this. You can sign up for a free session to address these questions and more. You can sign up for one here: https://bit.ly/2LLmeHI
ChristiM ChristiM Dec '20
I definitely need more information on how much I should be trying to put away in savings!
LJ6 LJ6 Aug '20
Is there a way to watch the webinar if you were unable to watch is yesterday?
Hi there LJ6‍! Hope you are doing well. Wanted to makesure you saw the wbinar link here: bit.ly/37OsQOp 
ChristiM ChristiM Aug '20
Who participated in the webinar yesterday? Like this post! What was your biggest take away?
Layriashaun‍, sharon5622‍, Yadiraliz‍, Notime2spare5‍, Mommy4g2bRN‍, Jenchang‍, Donna Jordan‍, Estell‍, & Fitjamie‍ Take the Financial Wellness Assessment--> bit.ly/3aVao65 & let us know if you were surprised by what you learn. If you have finance questions join us for a FREE Live Webinar with Q&A session tomorrow, 8/25 at 1 PM EST!  Register for the webinar here --> bit.ly/3ay3h3B      
ChristiM ChristiM Sep '20
Layriashaun‍, sharon5622‍, Yadiraliz‍, Notime2spare5‍, Mommy4g2bRN‍, Jenchang‍, Donna Jordan‍, Estell‍, & Fitjamie‍ What did you think of the challenge? Did you take the Financial Wellness Assessment?
I really need this!!
sharon5622 sharon5622 Aug '20
Ready, so needed!
Yadiraliz Yadiraliz Aug '20
Yes! What’s next?

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