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Peter Stoffan

Peter Stoffan is the Patient Care Director of the Pre-op and Post Anesthesia Care Units at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center (NYP)

defb7f74767f85ededc4b33cca7cd944-huge-peNYP would like to recognize Peter Stoffan, as he exemplifies a healthy nurse and is always looking for ways to promote Healthy Nurse, Health Nation for his staff.  Peter has always had an interest in personal health and is a trained Pilates instructor, however as a bedside nurse, Peter wished there was more assistance balancing the external and internal pressures in the work environment.  He noted for himself, that times of stress induced unhealthy eating patterns. When he transitioned into nursing management, Peter committed to playing an active role in creating and maintaining a healthy work environment.

In 2017, Peter started Wellness Wednesdays. During the Wellness Wednesday series each Wednesday has a different focus ranging from nutrition, meditation, and aromatherapy. He even arranged for short chair massages for the staff.

Also in 2017, Peter coined a Holiday Health Reset for a full week after Thanksgiving and is continuing the tradition going forward. For 2018, the entire week post-Thanksgiving was related to self-care and health, ensuring that his staff reset and recharged for the continued holiday season.  For example:
  • On “Meditation Monday” staff were led in meditations via apps with various aromatherapies. This was a staff favorite and will remain. It’s always a good way to start the week off!
  • Tuesday had a healthy eating focus where staff learned about the spice turmeric and shared their favorite turmeric recipes. 2018 included a Kombucha-making class.
  • Wednesday Peter invited our “NYP Be Healthy” (an internal wellness program) coaches up to the unit to do biometric screenings and one on one nutrition counseling for staff. This visit on the unit made it convenient for staff to easily set time aside and cover each other for the 1:1 counseling. Ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions continue.
  • Thursday was “Pilates with Peter”.  As a licensed Pilates instructor, Peter led the staff in basic and convenient Pilates moves and taught about good spine health.
  • Friday ended the week with the healing power of music as Peter partnered with the hospital “Music and Medicine” group to give a concert to staff.
Peter continues to incorporate fun ways to promote a healthy working environment throughout the year.  He incorporates aromatherapy into meetings and dedicates time for a “favorite self-care” tip – so staff can share their own tips and successes.

Peter notes most, if not all, of these initiatives are easy, low cost – if any cost at all, require little planning, and can be incorporated into any unit. Partnering with resources already available in NYP adds to the ease of planning yet still supports the healthy work environment.

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Tennacious‍ He works at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center!
Why are his efforts focused on Mon-Fri schedule, day shift?

I work a weekend program, night shift, and so do lots of other nurses.

Given the research regarding night shift work, and poor health outcomes, more of a focus should be placed on these workers.
Tennacious Tennacious Feb '19
Where is Peter a bedside nurse at? I would love to work for such a progressive company!