Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - #healthynurse Spotlight Series - Captain LJ Belsito, RN, MSN, CCM 3270

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - #healthynurse Spotlight Series - Captain LJ Belsito, RN, MSN, CCM

CAPT Belsito is an RN currently serving with the United States Public Health Services (USPHS){Editor's Note:  As of 2022, Captain Belsito has retired from the USPHS}. He has always had a passion for health and fitness. He is a two-time Hall of Fame powerlifter and Masters Olympic weightlifter. Representing the USA at the World Powerlifting Championships seven times and attending eight Master Olympic Weightlifting Championships, CAPT Belsito has travelled all over the world.

The picture at left was in Turino, Italy where he won his third Master World Games, taking Gold, and resetting all records for his age and weight class. That year he went on to win the Grand Slam which is a title given to the athlete who wins all four major competitions in that calendar year.

A dedicated volunteer, CAPT Belsito has been recognized for his outstanding community service by the Montgomery County Council for his coaching of the Montgomery County Special Olympic Powerlifting Team and for being the 2014 Head Powerlifting National Coach for the Maryland Special Olympics  Powerlifting Team. Additionally, CAPT Belsito volunteers his time by teaching community members, fellow gym members, and commissioned corps officers how to train safely, and meet the new Fit for Duty Standards and Physical Fitness Test for the USPHS.

Most rewarding of all, he volunteers coaching the Wounded Warriors four hours a month.  These are individuals who are in the Warrior Adaptive Rehabilitation Program receiving time from health care professionals, including physical therapists.  CAPT. Belsito was selected as the head coach for the United States Marine Corps PARA Powerlifting Team in 2018 at the Warrior Games. CAPT. Belsito tells HNHN, “Seeing the look on the warrior’s face, the gleam in their eyes, touches my heart, and I know they are doing something they love, but thought it was taken away from them. I believe I have found my WHY in life.”

What's your why? Share with us in our discussion.

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TrezzRN TrezzRN Apr '19
Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing Linda!
Thank you ANA, and HNHN. We can make this world a healthier place! One person at a time. In Strength, LJ


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