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Rhonda Darnell

My name is Rhonda Darnell and I am a nurse practitioner.  I never had a weight problem until I reached 40 and slowly over the years my weight crept up. Being only 5’1 I could not carry the extra weight well and when I stepped on the scales at age 55 with it reaching almost 160 lb. my heart sank. I come from a family of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and strokes. I knew this was not where I wanted to be and I was determined to reverse this.
My husband and I started a weight loss regimen in 2015. We started to become aware of what we were eating and noticed the biggest thing was portions! We started walking every day after work. I purchased a fit bit and started tracking my steps. Between the 2 of us we lost (over the course less than 1 year) 110 pounds and 45 of that was mine! Almost 4 years later the weight has remained off.

I have found it much easier to discuss weight with patients now that I have experienced the problem myself. Americans as a whole want a quick fix and I am often asked for diet pills but the truth is if we don’t make it a life time commitment of healthier living, the weight will not stay off. I walk at least 30 minutes every day and try to make that on my lunch break but often after work as well. I try to say no to the countless donuts and sweets brought into the office. I pass on desserts after dinner. I have found my joints ache less with the weight down. I feel better and my lab work is great.  My husband and I often order one meal when we go out and share it. 

I want to be an example to my patients that it is an achievable goal – no matter the age. But it takes determination and a will to want to be healthy!

Rhonda Darnell, APRN, FNP-BC is a nurse practitioner for the Marshall County Medical Group.

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