Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - #healthynurse Spotlight Series - Georgina Villarreal, MSN, RN 4376

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - #healthynurse Spotlight Series - Georgina Villarreal, MSN, RN


Nurse creates wellness program built for health care professionals.

Is there anyone who understands the highs and lows of being a nurse better than another nurse?
Georgina (Georgie) Villarreal, MSN, RN, became a registered nurse in 2017. Caring for patients those first few years was gratifying but tough, and then came the COVID-19 pandemic. Georgie, who had always been athletic and healthy, gained 20 pounds from constantly eating out, not having time to meal prep, drinking energy drinks, and working long shifts.

Like many other nurses, the pandemic took a massive toll on Georgie’s physical and mental well-being. She knew she needed to make a change, so she found an online fitness coach and nutrition program to get her back on the right track. In addition to changing her diet to prioritize healthier foods, Georgie also cut out all alcohol.

Within 4 months, Georgie lost the 20 pounds she had gained during the pandemic. She also had renewed energy, more confidence, and increased happiness.

A New Career Blossoms
Witnessing her own success with an online fitness coach got Georgie thinking: Maybe she could use her experience to help other nurses. Her 4 months of progress ignited the entrepreneurial spirit in Georgie, so she launched her own online wellness program.

Geared toward health care workers, Georgie’s program helps nurses and other health care professionals get in the best shape of their lives — physically, mentally, and emotionally. “Nurses need something like this,” says Georgie. “I consider myself a nurse advocate in this space because I’ve lived it and I know what they need.”

Here’s one example of Georgie’s firsthand knowledge: Not all nurses have a schedule that allows them to eat 6 small meals a day, which is advice typical of the average nutrition plan. Especially among shift workers, Georgie understands this variance and customizes nutrition recommendations based on the person’s schedule. This makes success more attainable for shift workers like nurses.

Georgie personalizes wellness plans for nurses and their situations. For example, not all people have access to an exercise gym or fitness equipment. If someone only has a set of 10 lb. dumbbells, Georgie creates a plan that utilizes those dumbbells. If someone has zero exercise equipment, Georgie creates a plan that doesn’t require equipment.

Setting an Example
No longer working as a bedside nurse, Georgie now spends her days helping those in the health care industry. Georgie gets to prioritize her own health and wellness as the CEO and Founder of Healthcare Strong, but she also gets to help other nurses do it, too. She continues to set an example for her clients — recently she trained for a bikini competition and lowered her body fat percentage to just 6%.

Georgie knows what it takes to become the best version of herself, and she understands how to do it while working in a health care profession.

“I am constantly trying to find better ways to keep nurses engaged and motivated because there are so many barriers to wellness,” says Georgie. “Nurses want to feel healthy, they want confidence, yet they’re sacrificing their own health for the health of others. It fulfills me that I get to take care of them.”

Georgina Villarreal, MSN, RN, is CEO and Founder of Lifestyle Goals Collective and Head Coach at Healthcare Strong. You can find her on Instagram at @nurse.georgie & @wearehealthcarestrong.

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