Decrease Sugar And Caffeine In 2021

My goal for 2021 is to decrease sugar and caffeine consumed late in the evening. I have a habit of saving sweets for the end of the day - kind of a reward for myself I suppose, and a penchant for Diet Coke as a thirst quencher. I hope to have a sweet treat earlier in the day where I can enjoy it and be a bit more active after its consumption and eliminate any caffeine source after 8pm to ensure a better night's sleep. 
Posted by Janice Walsh on Jan 3, 2021 5:04 PM America/Chicago

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Janice Walsh‍ That's awesome!! I'm working on changing my eating habits too and I've found the most success with changing things a little bit at a time! I feel like it makes it more sustainable in the long run!
  • Posted Fri 05 Feb 2021 08:39 AM CST
Hi Christi - I just signed up!  And for one in March too on Immunity - thanks for the heads up!  I've been pretty successful so far - haven't backed it up to 8pm but 9pm is working!  Baby steps!
  • Posted Fri 05 Feb 2021 07:49 AM CST
Hi Janice Walsh‍ , great commitment! You should check out and sign up for the Curb Your Sweet Tooth challenge for motivation and extra tips on healthy eating! Hope to see you there!
  • Posted Fri 05 Feb 2021 05:52 AM CST

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