Physical Activity For At Least An Hour A Day!

Alright! So over the past few months I've noticed I've been slacking on physical activity for myself! I used to be more active from my tennis tournaments back in high school and before my BSN nursing classes began. I've been able to eat 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between for a 2 years now (which I wasn't able to do for awhile because I had no appetite during breakfast). Now I am ready to feel physically fit so that I am less fatigued, have stamina to work, and go to clinicals strong! I am motivated to also connect with some of my nursing student friends on face time or zoom meetings to gather around and do some work outs. My goals is to do some Yoga/stretching for 30 minutes, then 10 minutes of warm up, and the remainder of time to different exercise techniques! Hopefully, I can do this for at least 6 months to start! By doing this, not only am I motivating myself and shaping myself to feel more stronger and energized, but it's also a motivator for the people around me to join in with no judgements! Little steps make huge differences! I'm going to start small and see if I can progress in my work out plans! I am just going to do my best and think positive!
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