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I have been sluggish the last year and a half, so I want to have a six-month series of goals( which I have completed in the past. My goal weight is 176 lbs( I am presently at 193lbs)
Goal 1. To bike initially 10 miles two to three times a week. After three months to increase to 20 miles, two to three times a week. ( I need a bit of flexibility)
Goal 2. Walk 4 miles two to three days a week in between biking for 6 months
Goal 3 Hopefully, join a gym after 6 months to do more strengthening exercises and play racquet sports. 
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ChristiM ChristiM Oct '21
sdickens‍ How has your commitment been going? You should check out the upcoming October Mindful Movement, powered by Humana Challenge! It will have great tips and motivation to keep us moving this fall! See you around!



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