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This week, we are proud to shine the spotlight on New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA). NJSNA has convened a team of 125 dedicated and passionate nurses. From lavender at their convention to quinoa stuffed peppers on Pinterest, read more about their strategies to improve the health of nurses in New Jersey.

The New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA) embraces the challenge and established Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation — New Jersey (HNHN-NJ) to promote HNHN. A HNHN-NJ team of 125 nurses, who are passionate about improving their own health and the health of their fellow nurses, was created and with their dedication and enthusiasm the following was accomplished:

In 2017, weekly HNHN-NJ emails, written by the HNHN-NJ team members and based on the monthly themes for ANA’s Year of the Healthy Nurse, were sent to all NJSNA members. In 2018, biweekly HNHN-NJ emails, written by HNHN-NJ team members, based on agreed upon monthly themes, are being sent to all NJSNA members. The emails are an informative support tool to promote healthy lifestyles to nurses. 
6b614ea977ae3225f8e4208f8ecd95b7-huge-njIn 2017 and 2018 New Jersey nurses were asked to make a pledge to work towards being healthier nurses.

At the 2017 NJSNA/IFN convention, there was a Healthy Nurse station, which included Healthy Nurse giveaways such as NJSNA water bottles, healthy snacks, dried lavender, lavender essential oil inhalers, and coloring pages.

b3d3381b34bceb8fce3b54d516596afe-huge-njThe HNHN-NJ team had the opportunity to speak to nurses about becoming healthier and encouraged HNHN. The HNHN-NJ team received positive feedback from nurses who intend to become healthier.

From April 2017 through January 2018, the Healthy Nurse page on NJSNA’s website received 1,598 visits. Visitors were directed to the webpage from Healthy Nurse emails, NJSNA’s weekly e-publication, social media and Google search. 

The HNHN-NJ team continues to receive positive and encouraging feedback concerning the content of the monthly emails and their activities. Two themes particularly left an impression on NJ nurses: September’s theme of Work-Life Balance encouraged nurses to practice self-care in and out of the workplace and October’s theme of Moral Resilience and Moral Distress provided an opportunity for nurses to talk more about moral and ethical issues in nursing and how to stay resilient.

729a1885cb10b8d21a6a4cbc45337d8a-huge-njOn Facebook, Healthy Nurse posts have reached more than 13,000 from April 2017 through January 2018.

Healthy Nurse New Jersey created a Pinterest account where Healthy Nurses can find healthy tips and recipes, such as Kale Slaw and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, pinned to the boards.
A Facebook group was introduced in 2018 as a safe place for Healthy Nurses to discuss their Healthy Nurse journey. Within the first month, more than 50 New Jersey nurses have joined the group.  

Healthy Nurse Feedback:
  • “What a team! Thank you for your inspiration! Seems that you are spot-on with your topics and guidance! Thank you!” 
  • “I really like what you have been covering since Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation began. Thank You!”
  • “My DON came to me and hugged me after reading the email on work-life balance and hugging in the workplace.” 
  • “We need to talk more about moral distress and moral resilience. It’s an important topic in nursing.” 
  • “I share the emails with my co-workers, so they can become Healthy Nurses too.” 
The HNHN-NJ team hopes to make a difference and help New Jersey nurses become healthier, one nurse at a time.

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